Construction Professionals gather in Seattle!

Well the weather was crazy, but hundreds of construction professionals sill made it to Safeco Field on Thursday May 11th for the annual Blue Book Building & Construction Network Showcase, and Chase Construction NW, Inc. was there! The wind relentlessly knocked over signs and banners, but connections were made none the less!

It’s all about the book!

United Recycling & ContainerThe event started off at 12:30 with lunch and an educational seminar at 1:00 on the importance of construction relationships, and how The Blue Book Network can help your company. After our delicious boxed lunch, we heard from the lunch sponsors, United Recycling and Container. They gave an informative presentation about their services, and how recycling can save money on a construction site vs. dumping the unwanted material in a landfill. They then answered questions from the audience such as what material they can and cannot recycle, and what happens to the material once it is Blue Book Network 2017recycled. Next we heard from Jessica Riggio, the regional sales manager at the Blue Book Building & Construction Network®. She gave us an brief history on the Blue Book and how it has helped the industry stay connected over the years. 

The Showcase

Blue Book Network 2017At 2:00pm the showcase began, and what a showcase it was! Overlooking the field at Safeco was endless networking and business opportunities! We spoke with some familiar faces, and met some new ones as well! And just incase lunch wasn’t enough, there were appetizers and drinks aplenty as well! In the construction industry, connection opportunities are important, and the Blue Book provides that with minimal effort from the contractor! The Blue Book Network makes it easy for industry professionals to connect, and the annual Who’s Who Showcase makes it easy to put a face to those connections!

About Us

Chase Construction in the Blue Book

We are so grateful for this annual opportunity to connect and create partnerships within the industry, thank you Blue Book! We have been roofing in the Puget Sound for over 15 years and cherish every connection made along the way. When you choose Chase Construction NW, Inc. for your next roofing project, you will benefit from our experience, knowledge, and ongoing expertise. We are certified and factory trained in a variety of roofing products and applications, and are able to offer exclusive warranties. Contact us today by filling out our free estimate form or calling us at 253-445-8950.



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Before Listing Your Home

Why is it important to replace your roof before listing your home?

“It costs money to make money” Is that why a lot of us wait until we are selling our home to make improvements? Well, yes! Certain home improvements can help us GAF Timberline Roof in Federal Waysell our home faster, and get more out of our investments, one of the most important being the roof!! The condition of the roof can not only make or break a sale, but if it is taken care of before listing your home, it can ensure success in today’s housing market.

Reasons you want to take care of your roof before listing your home.

Sell Your Home Faster.

Having a well maintained or newly repaired/replaced roof not only adds curb appeal to your home, but it provides peace of mind. Knowing that they do not have to worry about a potentially expensive project on their new home brings motivation to prospective buyers to move fast!

Ensure the Sell of Your Home.

If you decide to not take on your roof project prior to listing, you will have to lower the price of your home to make up for it. This may seem like a good idea, and you may even get several bidders, as a lower price is more attractive. But the fact of the matter is, getting a lender to agree on the terms of a necessary project will be difficult. If the roof is in need of a major project, the lender will make repairs/replacement a condition of the loan or may not fund at all, and that responsibility usually falls on the seller. At that point, the buyer can back out, and if they don’t, at the very least, the closing date will be extended to accommodate the completion of the project(s). So even if you lower the price, the repairs/re-roof will need to be done anyways, and now the sell of your home is delayed and made more complicated.

Return on Investment.

An instant return on investment is again of course peace of mind, but this time, yours. The peace of mind that there will be no complications added to your sell due to an outdated roof.  You can also use can the new roof as a selling point, and as such, the price can be higher, recouping a large percent of the cost of the roof itself (up to 75%!).

Where to Start

Get a Home Inspection.

Hire a home inspector before selling your home

You will want to start by hiring a local home inspector to evaluate your home. He/she will be able to tell you about all the issues of your home, not only your roof. That way you can prioritize which repairs you will want to tackle. This will give you an accurate idea of what needs to be done on your roof, and if it is something that needs to be taken care of right away. You may even be able to file a claim with your insurance if it is damage done by a storm!

Gather Roofing Estimates.

If the inspector does find issues with the roof, you will want a roofing professional to take a look at it. Since there will be a range in price, depending on what you need done, you will want to gather at least 3 estimates (which are usually free) to make an informed decision. It’s never a good idea to simply choose on price, so you will want to do your homework on what contractor you will want to hire. Are they licensed, bonded, insured? Do they have a good customer rating? Can they offer extended warranties? Have they been in business long? Will they give you references? If the answer is no on any of those questions, move on to the next and save yourself the headache. Seattle roofing projectHere is a link to How to Safely Hire a Roofing Contractor for more information.

What will you choose?

Your roof doesn’t have to be another issue to think about when trying to sell your home! Let Chase Construction NW, Inc. take care of it for you! We are Master Elite® Certified, licensed, bonded, insured, and experienced! Whether you need a minor repair, or a major overhaul, we have the expertise to complete the job right! But why wait until you are leaving your home? Why not enjoy the benefits of a beautiful new roof now? Contact us today for your free estimate! Fill out our free estimate form or call us today at 253-445-8950. Thank you for considering us for your next project!

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Skip-Sheathing as a Roof Deck?

Why we Re-Sheet Over Skip-Sheathing

Cedar shakes have always been a popular roofing material, and in our area, it was the choice material the 1980’s and 90’s. Since then the composition shingle has taken off as the main material used. We at Chase Construction NW, Inc. are now looking at the end of life for many Cedar Shake roofs and have been busy converting them to more modern roofing applications.

Burien Roof replacement

What is Skip-Sheathing?

Skip-sheeting or spaced sheathing, consists of 1-by-4-inch boards nailed to the rafters with gaps between the boards. This is traditionally used as the sub-straight for wood shakes. The spaces between the boards allow the wood shakes to breathe so that they dry more uniformly after being soaked in the rain, limiting warping. This does not apply in environments with wind driven rain and snow however. When installed correctly, wood shingles are rigid and allow the roof to be walked on. However, composition Burien roofersroofing, and some modern wood shakes need to be installed on a solid deck, not only for stability to walk on, but to prevent water penetration. Modern materials and underlayments are breathable and have no need for spaces in the decking.

What Material Can I Use to Resheet the Deck?

Some have said that you can put slats of new wood between the existing skip-sheathing to create a solid deck, but that creates a multitude of unforeseen problems. Depending on how old the skip-sheathing is and how many layers have already been applied to it, it has seen many nails, which means it will be riddled with holes, and will not make a good surface to nail new shingles down onto. Also, when you put new wood between old wood, in time gaps will open up between the boards. When nailing down the shingles on a system like this, the nails have less of a chance to hit a solid surface, lowering the shingle’s wind resistance. For these reasons, solid sheets should be applied on top of the skip-sheathing to create a solid sub-straight for the roofing system. New roof sheeting should be either 1/2″ CDX plywood or 7/16″ OSB (oriented strand board). Both are readily available and come in 4×8 foot sheets. 3-inch nails should be used during application to ensure that it connects the new sheeting, skip-sheathing, and rafters together for a reliable hold.

Let Us Help!

EDCO Generations Roof in KentMany handy homeowners have taken on their own roofing projects, some with great results! But some have had devastating results because they lacked the details that are crucial to a long lasting, leak free roof. We at Chase Construction NW, Inc. work hard to stay educated and trained on new trends and developments in the industry. Our crew is knowledgeable, experienced, and professional! We are licensed, bonded, insured and have been roofing right here in the Puget Sound for over 15 years! You can trust that you are getting a quality, long lasting roofing system! So if you have a Cedar Shake roof that is at the end of it’s life, or any other material, let us help! Contact us today for your free, no obligation estimate! Fill out our free estimate form or call us today at 253-445-8950. Thank you for considering us for your next project!


Check out this Cedar Shake Roof Transformation!!

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New GAF Cobra Hip Vent

Keeping Proper Attic Ventilation in Mind

Proper attic ventilation is essential in every home. If your attic is not properly ventilated, heat and moisture can build up, causing your energy bills to skyrocket. Moisture may not be penetrating your roof, but humidity from your home can still be trapped in your attic, causing mold and mildew to grow, and be absorbed by the rafters and the roof deck, causing rot.

Attic Ventilation Solutions

proper attic ventilation is key for any roof systemOne popular solution for attic ventilation is soffit -ridge ventilation, such as GAF’s Cobra Intake Pro Rooftop Intake Vent and Exhaust Vent. This combination allows fresh cool air in and drives out warm moist air, promoting your homes energy efficiency. Since it is encouraging the exit of warm moist air, it also inhibits the growth of harmful mold and mildew, and prevents deterioration from roof rot. In addition, it prevents harmful ice damming on the roof during freezing temperatures. When installed with existing soffit vents, this system can improve attic airflow by up to 20%.

A Solution for New Architecture Trends.

Modern architectural styles of homes have evolved in the last 25-30 years to have more hips than ridge. proper attic ventilation is key for any roof systemThese “cut-up” roof plane designs have made effective ridge venting impractical. GAF acknowledged this need and developed it’s new Cobra® Hip Vent. In combination with Cobra Intake Pro Rooftop Intake Vent, it has the same benefits as Cobra® Exhaust Vent for Roof Ridge.

• Removes excess heat and moisture
• Prevents roof rot
• Limits the growth of mold and mildew
• Guards against ice damming

This new innovative product has 9 square inches of NFA for effective exhaust venting on homes with minimal to no ridge. It is virtually invisible from the street with it’s 5/8″ low-profile, making it an aesthetically pleasing option. Plus, it is also the only hip vent product available that can be fully applied with a nail gun, making it easier on the contractor!

About us

GAF Master Elite Roofer In Tacoma, WAWe love roofs of all shapes and sizes, so no matter the shape of your roof, we will treat it right! We at Chase Construction NW, Inc. are GAF  Master Elite® Contractors , (one of just 12 in Washington State), and love it when new products come out, especially those that make life easier for our customers! So if you are looking for a new roof, or just have a roof repair, or would even like to upgrade your roof venting system, let us do it for you! Fill out our free estimate form or call us today at 253-445-8950. Thank you for considering us for your next project!

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