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Can I Re-Roof During The Winter?

Is It Safe To Re-Roof A Home In The Winter

Roofing In Winter There are many concerns on whether its safe to re-roof during the winter months. There are many factors that come into play which determine if a home or business owner should wait until Summer to re-roof or go ahead and re-roof during winter. It is important to understand however that the answer is yes, you can safely re-roof during the winter.

Asphalt Shingles Are Durable And Made To Withstand Cold Weather

Its important to note that asphalt roofing shingles are designed to withstand cold and hot weather. There are some shingles that are designed specifically to waterproof homes in regions like Alaska where the temperature can easily reach 20 below 0 degrees. Many contractors like to avoid re-roofing when its to hot so a dry winter week might be favorable in more than one way.

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GAF offers these winter roof protection tips on KHQ-TV

The biggest concern many have about winter re-roofs is improper sealing. There is a strip on the back of each shingle that heats up when warmed by the sun to cause the shingle to seal to one below it. This prevents wind blow off. If the shingle does not reach adequate temperature then they will not seal properly. What many people do not consider however is that a roof is on average 20 degrees warmer on the roof. If its 50 degrees outside it can be 70 degrees on the roof. In addition all of the warm air from your home is blowing up into the attic and warming the underside of the shingles as well which aides the sealant with proper adhesion.

If its just to cold out and an ideal temperature cannot be reached to get the sealant to warm up and adhere hand tabbing is suggested. Roofing cement is an asphalt based products that can be purchased in a caulking tube. By distributing a few quarter size dabs on the corners of the shingles you can easily achieve the necessary seal and wind resistance requirements until the temperatures warm up to seal the shingles.

Whats Best For Your Home?

In order to determine if a winter re-roof is necessary you should contact a professional roofer in your region. A few factors that would warrant immediate re-roof are: Extreme leaking, massive shingle blow off, a compromised roof structure that cant take the weight of compiling snow just to name a few.

If you are in the Puget Sound region of the Pacific Northwest and are considering a winter re-roof call us today for an expert opinion at 253-445-8950.

Innovations in Metal Roof Materials

Metal Roofing Innovations

Metal Roofers Washington State

When you think of metal roof materials what instantly comes to mind? Is it that banging tin on your parent’s barn? If rusty old tin and the pitter-patter of rain drumming against the metal are in your repertoire of memories, you need to take a new look at metal roof materials! Today’s metal options have few if any similarities with your grandpa’s barn or shed! Sleek, stylish and energy savings are all words that could be used to describe the current metal roofing results.

Benefits of Metal
Where to begin listing the multitude of benefits that come with a metal roof? Well, for starters, it will likely last you a lifetime. If you compare the warranties and projected longevity of metal roof materials and asphalt shingles, you will see there is a 20-year difference. Shingle warranties will run 20-30 years for 3 tab shingles while metal roof materials are rated up to 50 years. Not to mention they have some of the best wind ratings in the industry.
Another big difference between metal and asphalt shingles is in the area of energy efficiency. Asphalt is generally dark in color and as such, it is prone to absorbing heat and transferring it to the interior of your home. Metal roof materials, on the other hand, are coated to reflect UV rays resulting in lower utility bills and energy usage.

Most people have a hard time putting the words stylish and metal roof in the same sentence, but this is simply because they have not seen the new designs. Metal roof materials come in a wide variety of colors and designs including metal panels that look like traditional shingles. This means, for most homeowners, there is a metal option that will work with the design of their home. Corrugated, ribbed and shingle metal materials look great on most houses.

Cost and Investment
The one reason many people shy away from installing metal as opposed to more traditional materials is cost. It definitely costs more on the front end; some estimates have it nearly three times as expensive as shingles. However, while the initial costs may be more you also have to take into consideration the effect on resale value. Conservative estimates show that a metal roof can increase your resale value by $1.35 per square foot.

Final Thoughts
Are you ready to call a roofing contractor to schedule an appointment for a metal roof? If you are tired of out of control energy bills and constant maintenance or repairs on your existing roof it may be time to consider making drastic changes. If you are looking for the best maintenance free materials for your roof, look no further than the new and improved metal options on the market today.

This guest post was provided by Weather Tamer, a leading Knoxville roofing contractor.

Roofing For Charity In Puyallup WA

Chase NW Partners With Calvary Community On A Charity Roofing Project

Chase NW Roofing’s #Givingback Campaign

Joel-Chase-RoofingChase Construction North West, Inc., a roofing contractor in Puyallup, WA has taken on the challenge of pushing the trend of #givingback. Being a part of the community is a huge part of what we do. In fact last year (2012) we started a mission based coffee company to help raise finances so we could expand our international relief campaign.

Along with installing roofs in third world nations we have also discovered that needs arise right here in our own back yard. Just a few weeks ago we had the awesome opportunity to partner with Calvary Community Church in Sumner, WA. to re-roof a home in Puyallup, WA. Calvary Community church’s Jeff Grassman spearheads “Calvary at Work,” an outreach geared towards finding practical needs and meeting them. Jeff contacted us to see if we wanted to give him a hand on this project and we gladly accepted. I planned on donating the material and labor of my guys and to my surprise as the day progressed and the spirit of giving was abundant my entire crew decided to donate their labor. It was a long 12 hour day but we were able to wrap up the job and provide a safe place to live for a wonderful person.

The Puyallup WA Re-Roof

The scope of work was to tear-off an old sheet metal roof on a trailer home. When we tore into the roof we discovered rot and ended up needing to re-sheet the entire roof structure. We installed a TPO roofing system by GAF manufacturer. This membrane is perfect for low slope roofing systems and provides a 20 year material warranty. White single ply in particular also has a high UV (ultra violet sun rays) reflectivity rate which reduces the need to cool the home and helps to save on energy costs.

We love to roof and to join many other great community focused local businesses in #givingback.

Here are a few during and after photos of the roofing project in Puyallup, WA.



During: The Chase NW team is re-sheeting the roof structure due to extensive rot from the pro-longed roof leak.










Here is an after shot of the roof. This homeowner now has a 20 year roofing system that will keep them protected and in peace of mind. Thank you Calvary Community for allowing us to partner with you on this roof.



Re-roof in Olympia WA Roofs For Troops

Roofs For Troops Project In Olympia, WA

Olympia-Roofing-CompanyOne of the great things about our nation is the way businesses band together to provide discounts for our active duty and retired military servicemen . Recently GAF corporation started a program called roofs for troops. This program is designed to provide our service people with a complete roofing system, upgraded warranty and on top of that a $300 factory rebate. 

Our Roofs For Troops Install 

Chase Construction NW Inc is a premier roofing contractor in Olympia, WA. We recently had the privilege of installing a GAF Timberline HD roofing system on the home of  a couple in Olympia, WA. Both the husband and the wife were active duty and honorable members of our military. We installed a GAF complete roofing system and included a 10% military discount. With the combination of the our military discount and the GAF factory rebate we were able to save our customer over $1,000.00 on their total re-roof. It pays to serve our country!

Click on the image below to access printable version of details and conditions.


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