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  1. These are always in our roofing tool arsenal here in Westchester, in addition to a few more items. Obviously to do roofing work we need our ladders and scaffolding. The most vital tool a roofer needs, besides the ones mentioned above, is a harness. Per OSHA standards, roofing contractors need a safety harness, something that MCAS Roofing ensures our employees always have. Roofing can be dangerous, take the necessary precautions to prevent injury.

    1. Yes, agreed, a harness is the most vital tool. Thanks.

  2. Whether you are fixing the roof or installing a new one it is not only necessary that you are capable of doing it of course it involves the proper materials to do it. Thanks for this great reminder and good job.

  3. WHile not neccessary for every job, scaffold should also be an essential part of any roofing equipment, and a harness is a must and in most places now a legal requirement.

  4. Ladder is definitely one of the most essential tools to any Professional roofer. Make sure that you have a standard one story ladder and a two story ladder if all you do is residential homes. If you do any commercial, I highly recommend that you purchase the tallest ladder that you can get your hands on. Although a lot of properties will have a roof access ladder, you will find yourself occasionally at a high building with too short of a ladder. You do not want to be in that situation. Very, Very unsafe. Have the right tools for the job and your work will be much smoother, faster, and more efficient.

  5. There exist the Vital Roofing Tools which every Roofer Needs in order to ascertain a reliable process of the roofing. Tools like A Hammer Tacker, Ladder and Roofing Hammer are something one have to be very careful while getting the all along.

  6. This is some really good information about roof damage. It is good to know that it would be smart to know that you will need specialized tools. It does seem like a good idea to have a professional to help with installing a new roof.

  7. This is some really good information about roofing tools. I didn’t ralizet hat you need a different shaped hammer for work on your roof. That is good for me to know because I need to do get some work done on my home. It might be smart for me to hire an expert to do the work at my home.

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