The GAF Portland Regional Expo of 2019

GAF Portland Expo

No roofing manufacturer trains like GAF trains.  From cutting edge to best practices, GAF stands out as the one composition shingle roofing manufacturer who provides its contractors with ample training.

The GAF Portland Regional Expo of 2019 in Tigard, Oregon highlighted this.  Giving one of the most informative sales presentations we’ve seen, John Arellano provided multiple concrete examples of successful sales practices.

What Causes Roof Condensation And How You Can Prevent It

Moisture can be sneaky.  If you’ve got a roof that doesn’t leak, you may think you’re protected from moisture damage.  But the truth is that condensation is one of the chief forms of moisture damage in roofing systems.

The straightforward way of determining roof condensation causes is lack of ventilation.  But that answer raises many questions, like how to vent roofs well enough or what to do when roofs can’t be vented.