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An Evening With The RCAW

The Bi-Annual RCAW Dinner Meeting We recently had the opportunity to attend the Roofing Contractors Association of Washington’s (RCAW) Bi-Annual Dinner Meeting. The RCAW is a great recourse of the industry and have put together many programs that promote growth, collaboration and continued education. Their dinner meetings are always a great event to network and receive nuggets of wisdom from various speakers. April’s dinner meeting was held at the Seattle Marriott Bellevue and featured two main speakers: Heidi Elsworth from the Roofers Coffee Shop and Keith Martino from Martino and Associates in Texas. Roofer Coffee Shop After a brief introduction from the National Women in Roofing (a national organization focused on the empowerment of women within the roofing industry), we
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GAF Triple Excellence Award Winners

Triple Excellence at the GAF Wealth Builder Conference 2019

GAF Wealth Builder Conference 2019 We recently returned home from one of the most exciting roofing industry events of the year – GAF’s Wealth Builder Conference down in Austin Texas. Taking place at JW Marriott, we connected with roofing professionals from all over the country and enjoyed some business-building sessions, best-practice sharing, and industry-expert knowledge. It was an enjoyable weekend to say the least, and there were a few awesome moments that stood out from the rest. Chase Construction Earns GAF’s Triple Excellence Award! As a Master Elite Roofing Contractor, we are one of the top 3% roofers in the country. Being the best is an ongoing process, and the Wealth Builder conferences are key to
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New Tax Law Expands Full Expensing to Nonresidential Roofs

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act expands eligibility for full expensing to nonresidential roofs as of Jan. 1, 2018.  Previous law allowed the cost of roof improvements to be deducted from taxable income through depreciation over time.  The new law allows the cost to be deducted in full immediately!  This is a fantastic improvement for small businesses across the country! The logic behind allowing businesses to deduct expenses from taxable income is to help them produce more of their goods or services that people want to buy.  Deductions aid this by reducing the cost of inputs into production.  For example, if a company can deduct the cost of new office computers, the company can produce its goods
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10 Easy to See Signs That Your Roof Needs Replacement or Repair

10 Signs That Your Roof Needs Replacement or Repair

All roofs need replacement eventually, but when? Nobody wants to replace their roof prematurely.  Likewise, nobody wants to wait too long either.  The sweet spot is right in the middle, where your roof has reached the end of its useful life yet hasn’t gone past it.  If you’re wondering where your roof is on that spectrum, you’ve come to the right place.  Below, we’ll discuss 10 easy to see signs that your roof may need replacement or repair. 1. Roof age and extent of damage The age of your roof and the extent of the damage can mean the difference between needing a reroof or some minor repairs.  The younger your roof and the more
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Why is there a Construction Labor Shortage?

The construction industry has not fully recovered from the economic losses created by the Great Recession, even though many other industries have.  Today, total U.S. nonfarm employment is approximately 6.8 percent higher than its previous peak in January 2008:Yet construction employment is approximately 8.8 percent lower than its previous peak in April 2006. Is the demand for new housing low? Sluggish growth in construction employment could result from a depressed market demand for new housing.  However, given that existing home prices today are higher than they were during the 2006 peak, low demand for new houses may not be an issue. Rudy Gutierrez of Roofers Coffee Shop thinks there’s a shortage of skilled construction laborers and
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Wealth Builder 2018, GAF, Chase Construction North West

2018 GAF Wealth Builder Conference Overview

Presentations at the GAF Wealth Builder Conference of 2018 Chase Construction North West, Inc. had an excellent time at the GAF Wealth Builder Conference of 2018! We met many friends in the business and made some new ones! The entire event was enjoyable, from delicious food and fun recreation, to informative and encouraging presentations by many notable speakers. A handful of these presentations stood out to us and we walked away with a better understanding of how to move Chase Construction North West, Inc. forward. Company Culture, Engagement, and Communication Galen Emanuele’s speech was interactional with the audience. We entered into groups and roleplayed a variety of different scenarios. One of the activities was to write
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