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NRCA National Roofing Week

NRCA National Roofing Week 2018

One of the highlights of our year is the NRCA’s National Roofing week! And we at Chase Construction North West, Inc. are thrilled to be a part of it again this year! So what is National Roofing Week? It is a week of heightened awareness on the importance of great roofing and to share the good deeds of the industry. The roof is one of the most important part of your greatest asset – your home. And part of the importance of this week is to educate the public on making informed decisions when it comes to their roof.

What is Chase Construction NW, Inc. doing?

Kicking off National Roofing week on Monday is employee appreciation. We are proud of our team! They are dedicated, professional, and efficient! Here are a few things that our customers have said about our team:

“This crew did a great job on the roof and they were fast. I appreciate that.” – Dane K

“Great crew and beautiful roof and new skylights.” – Roger R

“Chase Construction did a fantastic job installing our new roof. Kind and flexible, clean, quick and efficient. We will use them again in the future. “ – Linda W

Check out this video of a recent re-roof and customer testimonial! “We appreciated the clean up work the crew did, they were amazing. They went the extra… extra extra” – Carol A

What is coming up week for National Roofing Week:

Tuesday, June 5: Employee training, where we’ll share photos that demonstrate how we train our workers.

Wednesday, June 6: Charitable projects, where we’ll share photos that demonstrate our company’s charitable giving.

Thursday, June 7: Signature projects, where we’ll share photos of our signature residential and commercial projects.

Friday, June 8: Celebration, where we’ll share photos of how we celebrated National Roofing Week.

Each day will provide us an opportunity demonstrate the importance of roofing systems for homeowners and our commitment to provided the most value we can!


Found a leak?  CHASE CONSTRUCTION NORTH WEST, INC. would love to fix it for you! We have been fixing leaks and installing the best roofing systems since 2002 and have been GAF MASTER ELITE® certified for 8 years!  Give us a call at 253-445-8950 or fill out our quick estimate form!

Innovation and Insight at the GAF 2018 Northwest Roofing Expo

2018 Northwest Roofing Expo exceeds expectations!

On March 22, guest speakers for the GAF 2018 Northwest Roofing Expo at the Tulalip Resort & Casino brought thought-provoking insights and remarkable innovations to teach all roofers in attendance the best they know.  Robert J. O’Neill, of the famed SEAL Team Six and one of the most highly decorated Navy SEAL combat veterans, captivated a packed house with colorful illustrations of SEAL training and combat missions. Of the many great vendors in attendance, some presented tools that are becoming widely used for this generation of roofing contractors, while others presented new tools that may become mainstays in the industry for generations to come.

Innovative business practices for roofers

Jeff Brett and Larry Cargal gave two of the most informative presentations for us.  They brought innovative strategies to the table that have led to success in their own careers.


Jeff Brett, GAF, Chase Construction North West, 2018 Northwest Roofing ExpoJeff Brett: Brett’s wealth of experience shined throughout his presentation. He focused on how to implement the best financial options for customers so that they receive the best quality service, and he urged those of us in attendance to do the same. Brett’s core message was to package together roofing systems in easy to understand tiers so that customers can readily select the system that best suits them.  This reduces costs for customers to as low as possible while keeping quality as high as possible.

Larry Cargal, GAF, Chase Construction North West, 2018 Northwest Roofing ExpoLarry Cargal: Roofers are always trying to make the best product for the lowest price for customers, yet sometimes some small details fall through the cracks regarding the customer experience.  Larry showed us how to close many of these cracks.  He delved deeply into a variety of ways that roofing contractors can improve their customers’ experiences, from optimizing webpages so that customers can swiftly navigate available roof options and find the information they consider most valuable, to properly constructing important documents so that customers can easily understand and categorize them.

Never quit!

Even though these presentations were invaluable for Chase Construction North West, Inc. and we will most certainly implement some of their insights, the most anticipated event of the expo for most in attendance was the special guest speaker, Navy SEAL Veteran Robert J. O’Neill!!  He spoke with genuineness and candor that comes only from somebody who has confronted hard truths of life and has overcome them. The thematic underlayment of Navy SEAL training is to never give up.  O’Neill described how SEAL training is designed to push trainees beyond their limits to see if they break. It’s only those who never quit that can successfully complete the training.  They learn to never panic, never give up, and never become complacent.

Hard lessons were not the only components of O’Neill’s excellent presentation.  He painted a vivid picture of many events of his military career with sharp comedy and crisp action.  Watching a top professional demonstrate what mission conduct really looks like was refreshing.

Looking to next year!

The 2018 Northwest Roofing Expo was a blast!  We learned so much and met some great new people.  GAF Roofing Academy students even showed us how to salute properly (that was super cool)!  GAF has a tall order to make the next roofing expo even better than this year’s, but they can do it!  Chase Construction North West, Inc. will do everything we can to help!

Robert J. O'Neill, GAF, Chase Construction North West, 2018 Northwest Roofing Expo

Found a leak?  Some shingles looking out of place?  We would love to help!  Chase Construction North West, Inc. has been a Master Elite® roofing contractor with GAF for 8 years and have been installing the best roofing systems for 16 years.  Contact us today by filling out our free estimate form or calling us at 253-445-8950.

Wealth Builder 2018, GAF, Chase Construction North West

2018 GAF Wealth Builder Conference Overview

Presentations at the GAF Wealth Builder Conference of 2018

Chase Construction North West, Inc. had an excellent time at the GAF Wealth Builder Conference of 2018! We met many friends in the business and made some new ones! The entire event was enjoyable, from delicious food and fun recreation, to informative and encouraging presentations by many notable speakers. A handful of these presentations stood out to us and we walked away with a better understanding of how to move Chase Construction North West, Inc. forward.

Company Culture, Engagement, and Communication

galen emanuele, gaf, wealth builder 2018, chase construction north westGalen Emanuele’s speech was interactional with the audience. We entered into groups and roleplayed a variety of different scenarios. One of the activities was to write a letter with a partner, but with a catch: each person could only say one word at a time. It was a challenging task because you would try to anticipate what your partner would say. Often they would say something different than you anticipated, so you would change gears. The exercise was meant to teach us to think on our feet and react properly to whatever comes our way.

The five main takeaways from this speech are:

(1) Say yes, (2) listen and be present, (3) make others look good, (4) embrace change and failure, and (5) be positive.

Using the Law to Gain a Competitive Advantage: Trends in Property Insurance Claims and General Contractor Law

Tim Johnson gave a thorough presentation regarding important contract information for companies. He focused on wording of contracts, what to include in them, and how to make sure you’re safe in a court of law. He covered many elements of designing contracts in close detail, explaining what they are and why they’re important.  We at Chase Construction North West, Inc found Johnson’s presentation insightful and thought-provoking.  We came away from the presentation with very valuable information that we think would be of great benefit to investigate further.

Moving to Great

Eric Boles is a fantastic motivator. He encouraged us to find what we excel at and how to maximize our potential within that domain. Leadership is at the core of improving yourself and helping those around you. Manifesting full potential is difficult and frequently conflicts with comfort.

Boles identified four primary reasons why people might not maximize their potential:

(1) the idea that we’re okay just the way we are, (2) fear of the unknown, (3) fear of failure, and (4) fear of rejection. These are all selfish. “Moving to great” takes selflessness.

Special thanks to Jim Slauson. The event was fun, insightful, and went smoothly.  Fantastic job!

Need a new roof or repairs? We at Chase Construction NW, Inc. are passionate about building the best roofs for our customers!  We have been Master Elite® Roofers with GAF for 8 years and have been installing quality roofing systems for 16 years.  GAF Timberline® Lifetime Architectural Roofing Shingles are among the highest quality for your NEW ROOF!  Let our passion turn into a great roof for your building or home! Contact us today by filling out our free estimate form or calling us at 253-445-8950.

The Who’s Who In Building and Construction Showcase 2017

Construction Professionals gather in Seattle!

Well the weather was crazy, but hundreds of construction professionals sill made it to Safeco Field on Thursday May 11th for the annual Blue Book Building & Construction Network Showcase, and Chase Construction NW, Inc. was there! The wind relentlessly knocked over signs and banners, but connections were made none the less!

It’s all about the book!

United Recycling & ContainerThe event started off at 12:30 with lunch and an educational seminar at 1:00 on the importance of construction relationships, and how The Blue Book Network can help your company. After our delicious boxed lunch, we heard from the lunch sponsors, United Recycling and Container. They gave an informative presentation about their services, and how recycling can save money on a construction site vs. dumping the unwanted material in a landfill. They then answered questions from the audience such as what material they can and cannot recycle, and what happens to the material once it is Blue Book Network 2017recycled. Next we heard from Jessica Riggio, the regional sales manager at the Blue Book Building & Construction Network®. She gave us an brief history on the Blue Book and how it has helped the industry stay connected over the years. 

The Showcase

Blue Book Network 2017At 2:00pm the showcase began, and what a showcase it was! Overlooking the field at Safeco was endless networking and business opportunities! We spoke with some familiar faces, and met some new ones as well! And just incase lunch wasn’t enough, there were appetizers and drinks aplenty as well! In the construction industry, connection opportunities are important, and the Blue Book provides that with minimal effort from the contractor! The Blue Book Network makes it easy for industry professionals to connect, and the annual Who’s Who Showcase makes it easy to put a face to those connections!

About Us

Chase Construction in the Blue Book

We are so grateful for this annual opportunity to connect and create partnerships within the industry, thank you Blue Book! We have been roofing in the Puget Sound for over 15 years and cherish every connection made along the way. When you choose Chase Construction NW, Inc. for your next roofing project, you will benefit from our experience, knowledge, and ongoing expertise. We are certified and factory trained in a variety of roofing products and applications, and are able to offer exclusive warranties. Contact us today by filling out our free estimate form or calling us at 253-445-8950.