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Selecting A Quality Roofing Contractor

A Rich Heritage In The Roofing Industry

Tacoma-Roofing-ContractorsMy grandfather started an independent manufacturers rep company in the Pacific Northwest decades and decades ago. The biggest part of this business focuses launching and selling new and innovative roofing products to distributors and suppliers. I worked for the family business that is now run by my father for years.

The number one reason this company has been and is so successful is due to what we call “pull through”. There are two ways you can approach a roofing distributor or supplier. One, you can set an appointment and introduce this new product to the buyer and hope he or she sees the value. Two, you can go out to the actual roofing companies and sell them the product first, then approach the distributor or supplier with a sale. This is referred to as pull through.

I spent countless hours crisscrossing Oregon and Idaho, my territory, talking to roofer after roofer. This gave me a bird’s eye view on the roofing industry, and taught me how to identify the best roofing contractors from the rest of the pack. Here’s what I’d look for when looking for the best roofing company for my home:

Value Over Price

Generally speaking, cheap is the most expensive roof you can buy. There are a hundred ways you can build a roof with a hundred shortcuts. Look for roofing companies that are focused on analyzing your roofing system as a whole. They will talk to you about ventilation and simple upgrades that greatly extend the life of your roof and actually pay you back through energy efficiency. These communicators of roofing will put you in a place where you will be able to make an educated decision.


The top asphalt roofing manufacturers all have their own certificated/preferred contractor programs. These programs are not something you can pay for and those contractors that earn their spot are able to offer far superior warranties than contractors who do not. To earn their certified or preferred status, they have to be local to the market and have a large number of happy customers.

Focused On Giving Back

It may take a little longer to find a roofing contractor focused on giving back, but the payoff is well worth it. Most homeowners have no idea how to hold a roofing contractor accountable to install a high quality roof. Getting them to stand behind their work, should something go wrong, is another issue many homeowners face. Finding a roofing contractor with strong character and deep values will go a long way, just as it does with all things.

For almost a decade now, I’ve been a roofing contractor myself. Fortunately for me I was given the example of what great contractors focus on. I hope this helps you in your quest to find the best roofing solution for you and your family.

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Insurance Claims For Roofing

When to File an Insurance Claim for Your Roof

 Hail Damaged Metal Roof
Sometimes things happen and your roof may need to be replaced earlier than expected. High winds, falling trees, and even hail storms can damage a roof and either immediately compromise the integrity of your roofing system or subsequently reduce its life span for the years to come.
When events like this occur, it is best to have your roof inspected by a professional Tacoma roofing service, with experience dealing with insurance claims. You might eligible for your insurance company to pay for most of the repair costs.

How to file an Insurance Claim for Your Roof

Wind Damaged Shingles
In the event that you suspect that you have had damage to your roof, it’s best to follow a few easy steps to make sure you are in the best position possible. The first thing you are going to want to do is to verify the damage. Now this might seem pretty obvious if a big tree is lying across the side of your roof, but often times, damage is not so apparent. During a windstorm, shingles can blow off or become creased. They can be damaged with flying debris that can also ruin the integrity of your shingles. Metal roofing systems can get creased, kinked, dented, and sheared which will also eventually cause your roof to have a lower than normal life expectancy. You need to know what damage you have, and, if at all possible, when the damage occurred.
Once the damage has been verified, it’s time to call your insurance carrier. Have your policy and date of loss handy to help give them the information they need. At this point, your insurance company will send out an inspector, called a claims adjustor, to verify the damage and determine what the insurance company will pay to have the damage fixed. This is when having a good local Tacoma roofer experienced in handling insurance claims can really work to your advantage.
Working as your advocate, your Tacoma roofing company can help make certain that all damage is documented and included in the claim. They can also submit unforeseen damages directly to the insurance company for you to make sure everything that needs to be replaced and repaired is paid for correctly. Occasionally, there can be differences in the scope of work deemed necessary by you insurance company and your roofing contractor. These can usually be ironed out by the contractor with a phone call and a resubmission on the scope of work to your insurance carrier.

I have an Insurance Claim, What Can I Expect to Pay for My Roof?

Almost all insurance policies are based on replacement cost. When a roofing claim is filed and processed, your insurance company breaks this replacement cost into three separate categories. The actual cash value of your roof is what your roofing system is worth when its age is considered. This depreciated cost is based on the life expectancy left on the portion of roof needing replacement. The first check your insurance company will issue is this actual cash value amount minus your deductible. The deductible is the cost of repair that you as the homeowner are responsible to for; it is the only money you should have to pay to have your roof fixed. The remaining depreciation is called recoverable depreciation. When the job is complete and the insurance company has an invoice from your Tacoma roofing contractor for the repairs, they will release the remaining money to reimburse you for the whole replacement cost of your roof.
When working with an insurance company dealing with thousands of dollars in repairs, it is always good to have someone knowledgeable about roofing and the insurance process to help make sure the process goes as smooth as possible. Getting the work done right and being able to afford it are the most important things to consider, so find a good Tacoma roofing contractor to help you with the process.
This roofing article was a contribution by Jeff Mance , Co-Owner and Founder of Caliber Roofing , Dallas, TX. For more information on roofing in the Dallas area, please visit our Roofing Knowledgebase.

Reasons for Roof Damage During Winter Months

Reasons for Roof Damage During Winter Months

Winter Ice Damming When people think of roof damage they tend to immediately think of server spring storms that include tornadoes and hail. However, during the winter months roof damage can occur. It occurs more in northern cities like Easter Washington, near the Canadian border. In this blog entry we will outline some of the common causes of roof damage that winter can bring.

Wintry Mix Build Up

Throughout a winter, snow and ice can build up on your roof. When snow and ice buildup, your house cannot heat properly. A professional contractor can install a ventilation system in your attic which will help keep your homes heating system working effectively. On top of that, the wintery mix can hurt to your shingles. The constant weight on the roof’s shingles trusses can cause major problems. Trusses, simply put are your roof’s skeleton system. With that in mind, you can only imagine when trusses becomes weak you’re entire roof is at risk. After the wintry precipitation melts off, it is strongly recommended you have a roofing contractor come out and inspect your roof. for any structural damage. They should check every piece of your roof, from the shingles to the trusses.

Ice Damming

Ice damming is another problem that the long winter months can bring to your roof. Ice damming is when ice accumulates along your roof’s ridges and in your gutters. Since the water cannot melt, it cannot properly drain; and when the temperate does rise above freezing the ice will slowly starts to melt; the remaining ice causes an ice dam. An ice dam will cause your roof to hold water in certain areas. This water will slowly soak underneath your shingles causing them to become weak. Once they are weak you’re a serious risk for water damage. There are ways to avoid ice damming. Whenever your roofs outer edge starts to accumulate snow and ice take a “roof rake” and remove the wintry precipitation. Be sure to remove all ice and snow from your gutters as well. A small handle shovel works well for this. Please do this with caution and if you have someone to help you, that is recommended.

In Conclusion
There’s no way to totally avoid that potential damage winter can bring to your roof. However, there are ways to prevent several natural causes of winter roof damage.

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