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Master Roofing Contractor In Kent, WA

GAF-Timberline-Cool-Series-Kent-WAWhen you have a roofing problem Chase NW has an effective solution. We have been providing Puget Sound homeowners and businesses with sound roofing systems for over a decade. We are a family owned business built upon the foundation of integrity with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. We understand that the testimony of our customers is the best referral we could ever have, that’s why the utmost care goes into every re-roof in Kent, WA. Our stability in the industry and reputation for a high quality, clean roofing installation has made us one of the northwest’s safest choices for your next roof installation. 

Top Level Manufacturer System Warranties 

Roofers Kent, WAAs a top level Master Elite roofing contractor we are able to provide our customers with the very best warranty coverage on your home or business. Our system warranties provide 50 year 100% non-prorated coverage on ALL MATERIALS INSTALLED. If you compare that to a standard material warranty which only guarantee’s your shingles (not the underlayment, starter, flashing’s or anything other component) for 10 years 100% (from year 11-50 the warranty value is prorated) you will see the Chase difference. We also have the ability to upgrade your system and warranty to 25 year no dollar limit coverage against installation errors and workmanship. This will keep your investment safe from the weather for years to come. 



Quality Residential & Commercial Roofing Contractor In Kent, WA

We are a one stop shop for all of your roofing needs. The core team of roofing technicians at Chase have all worked here for 8-12 years and going strong. Our employees are factory trained by the manufacturer and earn individual certifications in each type of roofing system in order to ensure that our customers receive top quality systems. We specialize in all types of roofing for Kent, WA including: TPO, PVC, EPDM, asphalt/composition shingles, standing seam metal or metal shingles, wood shakes, torchdown, slate and tile. We are also skilled at trouble shooting leaks and repairing them in order to extend the life of your roof and save you money from costly interior and exterior water damage. 

Roof Maintenance Programs

We have great roof maintenance programs for Kent, WA. Our programs are designed to fit your need whether we just installed a new roof on your structure and were preventing possible damage or you have an older roof that needs a lot of care. With our annual inspections and affordable roof maintenance we can add valuable years to the life of your roof and keep it protecting your home properly. To learn more visit our roof maintenance program page. 

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Our estimates are always free and consultative in nature. Call us today at 253-445-8950 or visit our roofing estimate for Kent, WA page. We will be in touch soon and have you on the road to an effective re-roof solution. 

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Roof Repair Kent WA

Expert Roof Leak Repair Kent, Wa 253-445-8950

Kent Roofing

GAF Timberline HD Cool Series Installed In Kent, WA

Chase Construction North West, Inc specializes in leak repair. We have a saying around the office “we can stop a leak in a creek.” We provide expert leak repair on residential and commercial properties including low slope and steep slope systems. Our Kent roofing technicians can repair all types of roofing systems including:

-Composition (3 tab, architectural laminate or tri-laminate shingles)

-Wood shakes

-Metal Roofing

-Single ply



-Concrete tile

Roof Leaks Can Cause Damage And Dangerous Molds

A roof leak can cause serious damage to your Kent home if not addressed in a timely manner. In addition to property damage to your residence roof leaks also result in dangerous attic molds that are very harmful to your health and well being. Its very important that your attic maintain a minimal level of precipitation so that it does not become a breeding ground to the unseen enemy of attic molds! If you suspect a leak in your roof give us a call today at 253-445-8950. We will respond in a timely manner and send one of our manufacturer certified roofers to your residence to perform a proper inspection. Our estimates are always free.

A Prolonged Roof Leak Can Cost You $$$$$

Roof Repair Kent

Procrastinating a roof leak repair can be very costly to you! The longer the water penetrating though into your home’s interior is allowed sit damage will continue to spread and multiply. The average cost of a roof leak repair is only $350.00! Compare that to thousands of dollars of interior damage if you do not respond in timely manner. Here are some common areas that are at risk to water damage as a result of rook leaks:

-Roof sheathing/decking and framing

-Interior framing within walls and ceilings


-Drywall on walls and ceilings

-Paint on walls and ceilings

Contact Us Today For Expert Roof Repair In Kent, Washington

We can help you today! There is no roof leak that is too tough for Chase NW to handle. We are certified as 1 of 15 GAF Master Elite contractors in the state of Washington. Call 253-445-8950 for expert roof repair for Kent, Wa or fill out our free estimate form. You are only one phone call away from peace of mind!

Thank you for visiting our website! Best wishes from our family to yours.


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Flat Roof Ponding

Is It Acceptable to Have Ponding On My Flat Roof?

By Allen Sensel

Moderate Water Ponding


There is a lot of speculation with older building designs and how their flat roofs have a tendency to collect pools of standing water referred to as ponding. The purpose of this report is to provide clarity for a commonly misunderstood notion that a flat roof, whether it’s asphaltic built-up, modified bitumen, or any kind of single-ply membrane, should not bear any kind of collection of rain water. I will provide brief examples from the IBC, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and Factory Mutual, all of whom mandate construction and renovation standards to comply with regional climates,weather patterns, and safety.


Ponding water, as described by the IBC and recognized by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, is water that remains on a roof surface longer than 48 hours after the termination of the most recent rain event.

Standing Water

This explanation from the IBC can also point out that directly following persistent rainfall, water is not considered standing until after 48 hours of dry weather, after which, can evaporate efficiently at temperatures above 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Only when the same volume of water exists after this period can there be a concern for potential leaks, providing that the roof system was properly installed.  The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development elaborates on how building inspectors approach ponding after an installation:

“48 hours before conducting a physical inspection, check the local weather forecast to see if precipitation is expected. If there has been precipitation within 48 hours prior to your inspection, use your judgement in deciding if observable ponding is due to the recent precipitation or because of an ongoing problem. Keep in mind that some flat roofs are designed to allow ponding.”

Concurrent with the size of the roof, Factory Mutual Global explains rain load on a dead flat roof:

“ Roofs should be designed with positive drainage: however, dead-flat roofs consistent with this guideline are acceptable.”

An older building will lack modern specifications for framing slopes a minimum of  1/4” rise per 12” run. The solution to controlling water flow on a dead flat roof, if ponding is still a noticeable concern after following the aforementioned provisions, is designing a framed slope for positive drainage to scuppers and/or bowl drains.


“Definitions Supplement.” U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development Real Estate Assessment, October, 2001: 3

“Roof Loads for New Construction.” FM Global Property Loss Prevention Data Sheets, September 2006: 3-5

International Code Council. 2009 International Building Code. 2009



Cover-Boards: Purpose & Application

by Allen Sensel

Glass-Matt Roof Protection

When putting a low-slope roof together it’s important, as a building owner or engineer, to understand how to control moisture, combat mold, and provide fire protection. Cover-boards offer sufficient roof deck protection that meet these requirement for installing a roof. They can also serve as a purpose for re-covering your roof. These boards provide a clean, smooth surface to attach your next roof system to.

Glass-Mat Roof BoardUSG manufactures Securock, a glass-mat board that can be used on a flat roof for dimensional stability, surface protection, and overall increased lifespan of a structure. When installed correctly, Securock acts as vapor and fire barrier, keeping the roof membrane from developing mold and succeeding in fire standard ratings (rated at the maximum ’10’ with Factory Mutual [FM] Class 1 and a Class A Fire rating with Underwriters Laboratories [UL]). This is a great way to qualify for lower insurance rates as your building is less prone to fire damage.

One of the other benefits to using Securock is its ease of installation. The packaging is efficient and the board utilizes a high-quality, mat-to-core tensile bond, making each piece easy to cut and hand-break. This creates a faster labor work-flow and less of a mess to clean off of the roof surface, which helps to cut cost and keep workers focused on installing a quality roof as a whole.

As a local certified Seattle roofing contractor, we’re all about installing a quality commercial flat roof and so we recommend using USG Securock for our installations. We also specialize in single-ply residential roof systems. Give us a call at 253-445-8950 for a free estimate or drop by our website,