Puyallup Roof Replacement Before and Afters | Puyallup Roofing Company

Chase Construction North West, Inc. is at it again! We just transformed another home in Puyallup with a new roofing system. With 3 leaks in her home, we responded quickly and gave her a competitive price for roof replacement. Our roofers tore off the old 3-tab roofing system and installed a new IKO Cambridge architectural laminate roofing system – color: Weatherwood. You will see the spectacular difference in the before and after photos. 

IKO Pro 4 System

Cover-Boards: Purpose & Application

When putting a low-slope roof together it’s important, as a building owner or engineer, to understand how to control moisture, combat mold, and provide fire protection. Cover-boards offer sufficient roof deck protection that meet these requirement for installing a roof. They can also serve as a purpose for re-covering your roof. These boards provide a clean, smooth surface to attach your next roof system to.

Glass-Mat Roof BoardUSG manufactures Securock, a glass-mat board that can be used on a flat roof for dimensional stability, surface protection, and overall increased lifespan of a structure. When installed correctly, Securock acts as vapor and fire barrier, keeping the roof membrane from developing mold and succeeding in fire standard ratings (rated at the maximum ’10’ with Factory Mutual [FM] Class 1 and a Class A Fire rating with Underwriters Laboratories [UL]). This is a great way to qualify for lower insurance rates as your building is less prone to fire damage.