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New Roof Installation In Fairwood WA GAF Grand Canyon

GAF Grand Canyon Roofing Installation On Fairwood Golf Course

Roofers Fairwood WATransforming an old wood shake roof with a new tri-laminate presidential style roofing system is one of our favorite things to do! Check out the slideshow below and see a before and many great after photos of a recent install in Fairwood, WA. Chase Construction North West, Inc. is one of the Puget Sound area premium roofing contractors. We are certified as 1 of 15 GAF Master Elite roofers in Washington State. Contact us today at 253-445-8950 if you need a free estimate, inspection or roof repair.

Our Roofing System

Fairwood Golf Course Roofing

This particular home on Fairwood Golf Course has an existing wood shake roof that had reached the end of its useful life. We tore off the entire roof and re-sheeted with 1/2″ CDX plywood. We installed GAF Grand Canyon shingles. The color is Storm Cloud Gray. We provided an upgraded system warranty by utilizing a complete roofing system including; eave and rake starter metal; step, pan and roof to wall flashings; new pipe boots; ice and water shield in critical leak areas; ProStart starter shingles; Z Ridge hip and ridge shingles and Grand Canyon heavyweight, key cut field shingles. This roof will last this home owner many years and is protected by 100% non-prorated umbrella warranty coverage for 50 years.

Hire a Fairwood WA Roofing Contractor

As a certified GAF Master Elite roofing contractor we are safe choice to re-roof your home. Our technicians are factory trained and certified with the manufacturer to ensure the highest standards of roofing installation. We are committed to excellence on and off the roof! Call us today for a free estimate at 253-445-8950 or click on the free estimate tab in the menu bar. 

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Fairwood WA Re-Roof Gallery


Certified Roofers Renton WA

Certified Roofers Renton WA

Certified Roofers Renton

Chase NW receiving the GAF Master Elite training excellence award for 2011!

Hiring a roofer in Renton can be a big headache. Before you think your reading another negative article let me assure you there is a safe way to hire a roofing contractor. Chase Construction North West, Inc. is committed to educating consumers with the latest trends in the roofing industry. Here are a few criteria points you should consider when hiring your roofer in Renton.

1)      Is the contractor licensed, bonded and insured?  It is critical that the contractor you hire for flat or pitched roofing projects is licensed. If they are not licensed they cannot legally operate in the State of Washington. Just as equally important is the insurance. Insurance takes the liability of a roof related accident off of the home owner. The last thing you want is for someone to fall off of your roof due to their carelessness and then turn around and sue you. Protect yourselves from shady roofers in Renton that cannot provide the proper proof of these requirements.


2)      Is the contractor certified with a manufacturer? There are great accountability requirements with some manufacturer certification programs. Certification means that a roofing company has gone through proper training and testing and qualifies to represent the manufacturer. A certified roofer in Renton will be able to offer you warranties that standard contractors cannot. You can verify the certification status of a contractor by checking the manufacturer website. An example is the GAF Master Elite contractor profiles. Here you can see the Master Elite roofers, their reviews, score and what customers have said about their service. This really eliminates a lot of the trouble of weeding through the half-baked roofing companies.


3)      Does the contractor have a history and references of work they have performed in your area? Workmanship speaks for itself. Don’t be afraid to ask a contractor for a list of references. If most of the numbers they give you lead to a disconnected phone number or wrong number then you have a problem. Get the list of references, call the previous customer and find out what they have to say. Drive by and take a look at a few of their jobs.

Experienced Roofers In Renton

Roofers RentonHiring roofers in Renton can be a great and safe experience if you know how to weed out the counterfeit. If you have any questions about hiring a roofer or need expert advice for your upcoming project contact us at 253-445-8950 or fill out our estimate form, we will get back to you very soon!

We specialize in residential and commercial re-roofs and repairs. We service both steep slope and flat roofing needs. Our roofing inspections and consultations are always free.

Chase Construction North West, Inc is certified as 1 of 15 GAF Master Elite roofers in Washington State.

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Renton Roofers GAF Master Elite

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Flat Roof Ponding

Is It Acceptable to Have Ponding On My Flat Roof?

By Allen Sensel

Moderate Water Ponding


There is a lot of speculation with older building designs and how their flat roofs have a tendency to collect pools of standing water referred to as ponding. The purpose of this report is to provide clarity for a commonly misunderstood notion that a flat roof, whether it’s asphaltic built-up, modified bitumen, or any kind of single-ply membrane, should not bear any kind of collection of rain water. I will provide brief examples from the IBC, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and Factory Mutual, all of whom mandate construction and renovation standards to comply with regional climates,weather patterns, and safety.


Ponding water, as described by the IBC and recognized by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, is water that remains on a roof surface longer than 48 hours after the termination of the most recent rain event.

Standing Water

This explanation from the IBC can also point out that directly following persistent rainfall, water is not considered standing until after 48 hours of dry weather, after which, can evaporate efficiently at temperatures above 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Only when the same volume of water exists after this period can there be a concern for potential leaks, providing that the roof system was properly installed.  The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development elaborates on how building inspectors approach ponding after an installation:

“48 hours before conducting a physical inspection, check the local weather forecast to see if precipitation is expected. If there has been precipitation within 48 hours prior to your inspection, use your judgement in deciding if observable ponding is due to the recent precipitation or because of an ongoing problem. Keep in mind that some flat roofs are designed to allow ponding.”

Concurrent with the size of the roof, Factory Mutual Global explains rain load on a dead flat roof:

“ Roofs should be designed with positive drainage: however, dead-flat roofs consistent with this guideline are acceptable.”

An older building will lack modern specifications for framing slopes a minimum of  1/4” rise per 12” run. The solution to controlling water flow on a dead flat roof, if ponding is still a noticeable concern after following the aforementioned provisions, is designing a framed slope for positive drainage to scuppers and/or bowl drains.


“Definitions Supplement.” U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development Real Estate Assessment, October, 2001: 3

“Roof Loads for New Construction.” FM Global Property Loss Prevention Data Sheets, September 2006: 3-5

International Code Council. 2009 International Building Code. 2009



Busting roof cleaning myths in Renton, Washington

Busting the roof cleaning myth in Renton, Washington

Roofers Renton, WA

Say no to damaged roofs!

To pressure wash, or not to pressure wash, that is the question. Everyone has their own home remedy for just about everything, roof cleaning is no exception. The biggest debate and misconception for roof cleaning is whether or not you should use a pressure washer on roofing shingles.

The answer to the question is really simple, pressure washing your roof voids the manufacturer warranty. The pressurized stream of water not only effectively removes moss and algae, it also removes the granules from your shingles! The granules are a very important waterproofing aspect of the shingle. They are embedded into hot asphalt as the outer waterproofing layer. Damaging the shingle by stripping off the granules not only voids the warranty, it can also remove years from the life of the shingle and cause roof leaks.

Roofers Renton, WA

This damage was done while pressure washing this roof!

Now the questions remains what is the proper way to clean a roof. The best place to go is right to the top. I want to hear from someone that doesn’t have a financial stake in this questions. The asphalt roofing manufacturers association has released a technical bulletin addressing the issue. The agreed method for proper roof cleaning is as follows:

“Algae discolorations are difficult to remove from roofing surfaces, but may be lightened by applying a solutionof chlorine bleach, trisodium phosphate, and water. Solutions for these ingredients may vary between shingle manufacturers and depend on the amount of discoloration. Solutions range from one cup TSP, one gallon bleach andfive gallons of water, to one cup TSP and 2.5 gallons each of bleach and water.

 First, gently disperse this solution on the roofing surface. Use normal precautions for handling bleach. Be sure to applyit carefully to avoid damage to other parts of the building and its surrounding landscape. Avoid scrubbing the surface,as this friction may loosen and remove granules. If possible, always work from a ladder and/or walkboards to avoiddirect contact with the roof surface. Observe all possible safety precautions when working on or near the roof. Finally,rinse the solution from the roof by gently spraying the surface with water. Be warned that this solution application and rinse process will make the roof surface slippery and potentially hazardous to walk on during treatment.

 The effectiveness of such cleaning techniques are only temporary, and discoloration will likely recur. However, several types of algae resistant roofing products have been developed, and are now commercially available. These asphalt roofing products are specifically designed to inhibit algae growth for extended periods of time.


High pressure washing systems for algae removal should not be used.”

-Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association

Well, I think that pretty much sums it up. A chlorine bleach solution is the manufacturer recommended way of roofing cleaning. So next time a slick salesmen comes to your house and wants to get up on your roof with a pressure washer, you know what to do.

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