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Rob McKenna at the RCAW Dinner Meeting 2018

Unintended Consequences of Regulations on Small Business

The governments of the United States, from the small local level to the large federal level, have legitimacy in the eyes of the people.  This gives their laws credibility and power, informing citizens that governments institute the will of the people.  When enough people care about a specific issue, naturally some turn to government to attempt to solve it.

However, things are never so simple.  Well-intended policies come with consequences, most of which are not known before they occur.  Even though these consequences are common and can have lasting effects, they often are not intuitive or are buried beneath a mountain of details.  Examples of the law of unintended consequences are unlimited, like how the European Union’s attempt to prevent over-fishing by adding penalties actually resulted in an increase in over-fishing.  Or how the Smokey Bear ad campaigns by the United States Forest Service resulted in megafires decades later.

Not only do unintended consequences of a policy frequently make the problem the policy attempts to solve worse, but they also occur as a new, complicated system with loopholes available only to those with enough capital to bypass the regulations.  Everybody else, like small businesses, are left to bear the burden of the regulation.  A famous manifestation of this is the “chicken tax.”  In the 1960s, the United States responded to Europe’s tariff on chicken imports with its own tariff on delivery van imports.  Even though the trade war has long since subsided, the tariffs remain in place to this day.  In a stroke of irony, Ford navigates loopholes for this tariff created in part to try to help Ford.

At the RCAW bi-annual dinner on May 10, former Republican Attorney General of Washington and Republican nominee for Governor of Washington in 2012, Rob McKenna, illustrated more than just an understanding of this concept, but an understanding of why unintended consequences from government policy can be so numerous and impactful.  He discussed how people responsible for writing regulations don’t bear the costs of applying the regulations.  It’s the small businesses and their customers that bear the costs.  Policymakers in government may have good intentions even as they are insulated from the impact of those intentions.


Skin in the game

McKenna’s point is in the same vein as a discussion quickly growing on social media: “skin in the game”.  Popularized by author and mathematician, Nassim Taleb, the concept of skin in the game is essentially that when a person has downside risk regarding the outcome of a decision, that person has skin in the game.  Put in less abstract terms, if you’re spending your money on something, you’re likely to be more frugal and pay more attention to important details.  If the transaction doesn’t provide you what you hope, you lose.  But if you’re buying something with somebody else’s money, making a poor decision doesn’t lose you any money.  In that case, you’re likely to be less frugal and pay less attention to important details.

Skin in the game acts as an incentive and a disincentive, influencing the person to take on only as much downside risk as he or she can handle.  Over time, this acts as a filter.  Taleb illustrates this clearly when explaining why highways don’t have rogue drivers. They literally have their own skin in the game, meaning that their recklessness results in them no longer being with us or having revoked licenses.  The end result is highways with very few rogue drivers.

This principle is not unfamiliar to most Americans.  We know that we each make better decisions when it’s our own skin in the game.  Yet this dynamic all but vanishes at the level of large government.  Politicians and bureaucrats may mean well, but they don’t have the skin in the game it takes to make the right decisions for each individual family or business throughout the nation.  When top-down regulations attempt to solve an issue for a large number of diverse people, the regulations typically fall short and cause more harm than good.

Does this mean governments shouldn’t regulate? 

Some people might take it there, but no, this doesn’t mean government regulation is wrong.  Local, small government officials can have skin in the game.  Where politicians at the federal level may experience little impact from a policy gone wrong, at the local level, politicians are more easily held accountable for their policy actions.  At the federal level, politicians deal with such a vast quantity and variety of concerns that it’s hard to say how their actions are perceived.  By contrast, at the local level, politicians can be close enough to their constituents that they both have a clearer view of what constitutes policy success.

McKenna hit on this dynamic when he discussed how the strength of America is decentralization of governments, where each government — local, state, federal — operates within the domains they are best suited.

The City Council of Seattle having just passed the “head tax,” what unintended consequences might we be in for?  The tax could decrease incoming business capital, thereby decreasing job growth and wage growth.  Or, if used to build dwellings for homeless people as declared, it could increase the number of homeless.

The dinner was a wonderful experience and we thank the RCAW for putting it on.  Meeting friends in the industry and listening to Rob McKenna speak was a real treat!

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Chase Construction and Habitat for Humanity

Keeping Homes Safe with Habitat for Humanity

At Chase Construction North West, Inc., we realize that we are only as strong as the community around us. Each day provides new opportunities to help our community. As they say, a rising tide raises all ships. We try to do what we can to raise the tide so that everybody can be healthier and happier. The world can be tough and unforgiving at times, but if we pull together and help each other, every challenge can be overcome!

We have learned that giving back to our community is among the most rewarding things we can do. Habitat for Humanity provides excellent avenues to help those most in need. Habitat believes that every family should have a home, and so do we! Habitat extends this vision beyond just building new homes to repairing existing homes.  This spring, we were excited to work on a project with Habitat and roofing product manufacturer, GAF, to re-roof a wonderful family home.

Habitat for Humanity Roof Job in Seattle

What is Habitat for Humanity?

For more than 41 years, Habitat has worked tirelessly to ensure that no family is without a roof  over its head.  Habitat achieves this through a collaboration of volunteers and those in need of housing working together to build affordable homes. Each home is built at no profit and payments combine with no-interest loans.

Today, Habitat has helped 9.8 million people build security and success throughout 70 countries!

Why Housing?

A family with a roof over its head has one of the most important foundations it needs to lead rewarding lives and provide for children. Studies show Habitat homeowners develop improved grades and better financial health.

GAF and Chase Construction North West, Inc. team up!

Habitat for Humanity Roof Project in SeattleIn the spring of 2018, GAF and Chase Construction North West, Inc. worked together to re-roof a home in Seattle. GAF was looking for the best roofing contractor to connect with Habitat, so naturally they gave us a call!  For each home, they donate material and we donate labor. As always, this project was exciting, and we got to install one of the most effective and cool looking ventilation systems!

We love working with GAF on Habitat projects, and we agree deeply with the Habitat mission. Affordable housing is of the utmost importance for healthy and happy families, and we are devoted to do everything we can to help actualize this dream.

Tom Stancik, the GAF territory manager that we worked with on this project, put it best:  “We want to help people that can’t afford to fix their homes.  It’s up to us as community members to donate and help them out.”

GAF is an excellent partner to work with to build affordable housing. They donate their best products and are prompt to respond to any inquiry or challenge that may arise.

We look forward to working more with Habitat and GAF this Summer!

Habitat for Humanity Roof Job in Seattle

Habitat for Humanity Roof Job in Seattle


Let us be your new roofing contractor!  CHASE CONSTRUCTION NORTH WEST, INC. has been building amazing roofs since 2002 and has been GAF MASTER ELITE® certified for 8 years!  Whether you’re looking for one of the many top quality asphalt shingles or a long-lasting and beautiful metal roof, we have the right tools to give you the best roof!  Call us today at 253-445-8950 or fill out our quick estimate form!


roofing in the rain

Can Your Roof Be Replaced in Inclement Weather?

Rain is a common concern for homeowners seeking roof repairs or replacement.  Two examples of those concerns are how installation over wet sheathing can trap moisture and cause rot, and that wet shingles may not adhere properly.  This doesn’t mean that roofing in poor weather is impossible. Roofers can use particular techniques to get the job done with no issue. Chase Construction North West, Inc. recently confronted these conditions and would like to explain how we solved them!

Back-to-back reroofs in Bonney Lake

Two homeowners who live in the same neighborhood contracted us for back-to-back reroofs in Bonney Lake, Washington. We were thrilled that the homeowners chose highly recommended GAF timberline roofing systems.  In addition, the close proximity of their homes allowed us to offer them a discount!

Each GAF system is a complete external envelope, which includes the following GAF products:

roof transformation

Due to our GAF Master Elite® status, we are one of the few roofing contractors in the state of Washington with the privilege to offer the Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty. This warranty is one of the nation’s premiere roof system warranties offered on the market.

Clear skies, but uncertain forecast

When we began the project, weather forecasts were dry with blue skies for the duration. But as is common in Western Washington, that turned on a dime. Overnight the forecast shifted to moderate chance for precipitation. But we weren’t worried, because we know what to do in this situation!

The work began in dry conditions, yet we were uncertain if they would remain dry.  The roofers started tearing off the existing shingles and tar paper in the lower lefthand corner of the roof, moving across the roof diagonally. Then following behind, other roofers prepped the newly exposed roof deck by clearing debris and loose fasteners. After the deck was perfectly cleared, the roofers installed new waterproof synthetic underlayment.

reroof project

This technique allowed us to reroof in sections, thereby deterring any issues caused by surprise clouds moving in.  This method ensures an installation is as quality as if on the clearest, driest sunny day.




It was an honor to reroof these two wonderful homes in Bonney Lake, Washington, and we look forward to doing many more!

Having dealt with the wet and unpredictable weather of Western Washington for 16 years, CHASE CONSTRUCTION NORTH WEST, INC. has developed top quality expertise in dealing with the weather in our beautiful state. If you’re looking for roof repairs or replacement yet you’re unsure about how the weather impacts installation, please don’t hesitate to contact us today by filling out our free estimate form or calling us at 253-445-8950! We know exactly what can be done in what weather and how to do it!

10 Easy to See Signs That Your Roof Needs Replacement or Repair

10 Signs That Your Roof Needs Replacement or Repair

All roofs need replacement eventually, but when?

Nobody wants to replace their roof prematurely.  Likewise, nobody wants to wait too long either.  The sweet spot is right in the middle, where your roof has reached the end of its useful life yet hasn’t gone past it.  If you’re wondering where your roof is on that spectrum, you’ve come to the right place.  Below, we’ll discuss 10 easy to see signs that your roof may need replacement or repair.

1. Roof age and extent of damage

The age of your roof and the extent of the damage can mean the difference between needing a reroof or some minor repairs.  The younger your roof and the more isolated the damage, the more likely repairs may suffice.  The inverse is also true, that the older your roof and the more prevalent the damage, the more likely replacement is needed.

If you live in a neighborhood where the houses were all built at the same time and your neighbors are replacing their roofs, it’s a sign that yours may be at end of life.  For a more exact measurement of age, check your records for date of roof installation, any repairs since, types of materials used, and the reputation of the contractor who installed the materials.

If the latest shingle installation overlays existing shingles, it can mean any problems with the previous shingle installation were never solved, which can significantly reduce the lifespan of your current roof.

2. Evidence of leaks

Leaks can be large or small, and the damage they cause can be obvious or subtle.  The damage can manifest as water stains, rotten wood, or mold.  Leaks can be difficult enough to identify that by the time they’re noticed, a reroof is needed.  If you see any water where it doesn’t seem it should be, or if you find any water damage, you’ve found sufficient enough evidence that there may be a larger hidden problem.

3. Attic moisture or daylight.

If you walk on your roof and it feels less firm than you would expect it to, it can mean that moisture seeped through to the underlying structure and has compromised its integrity.  In the attic, moisture from a compromised roof system is often found near the eaves and in the insulation.  Look for daylight shining through the roof. A faint glow at the eaves or along ridge vents can be normal, but beams of light shining through the roof can signal that the system has been compromised.

4. Misshapen, misaligned, or missing shingles

Shingle deterioration occurs in a wide variety of ways.  Edges can curl up or claw down with a bulging center, signifying a loss of durability and increased susceptibility to wind uplift.  Cracked and broken shingles don’t shed water well and can lead to moisture damage.  Shingles can buckle up in a line upwards along the roof.  Harsh weather can tear these shingles off easily, and buckling often signifies improper underlayment installation.  Misaligned shingles can appear as if they popped up above the flat roof surface and can mean the roof is not ventilating effectively.

5. Excessive granule loss

Granules protect shingles from sun exposure. Loss of granules shows up in gutters, as bald spots on shingles, or as inconsistent coloration of the roof.  As shingles lose their granules, the rate of deterioration of the shingles increases and can result in more extensive damage to the house.  Some granule loss is normal, and older shingles lose granules more quickly.

6. Compromised roof valleys

Roof valleys are integral to a properly functioning roof because they receive the greatest impact from harsh weather, and improper valley installation is not uncommon.  Distorted shingles or worse in roof valleys means that leaks may already have developed or are likely to soon.

7. Damaged, decayed, or missing flashing

Flashing plays the essential role of preventing moisture from entering the joints in the roofing system.  Damaged, decayed, or missing flashing can be a sign that your roof is at heightened risk of water damage and that repairs now can save a lot of trouble later.

8. Excessive ice damming

An ice dam forms when snow on an upper portion of your roof melts and the resultant liquid water flows to the eaves and refreezes.  As this happens multiple times, the accumulation of ice pushes water under the roof shingles, where it melts again and begins to leak into the house.  However, if a roofing system is properly ventilated and heat doesn’t form in the attic, ice damming can be prevented.  If your roof experiences excessive ice damming, it may be an indication of inadequate ventilation and related water damage.

9. Excessive moss growth

Moss growth may seem harmless on a roof, but over time it can cause serious damage.  Moss absorbs rainwater and grows into any space between shingles that it can.  Substantial enough moss growth, especially on an already compromised roofing system, can saturate the roof sheathing, from there causing significant decay.

10. Animal infestation

If you find small animals, like squirrels or birds, living in your attic, it may mean a part of your roof is missing.  Animals can damage your roof without the help of harsh weather, yet often damage from weather provides them an easy opportunity to tear through your roof.  Once a hole is formed, water has easy access to cause further damage.


Your roof is one of the most important components of your home, protecting it from just about anything the weather throws at it.  Roof replacement can be costly, but not replacing until it’s too late is even more costly.  The 10 easy to see signs your roof may need replacement or repairs are age, evidence of leaks, attic moisture or visible daylight, decayed shingles, excessive granule loss, compromised roof valleys, damaged flashing, excessive ice damming, excessive moss growth, or animal infestation.

What do you think are other signs that a roof is in need of replacement or repair?  Tell us in the comments.

Gaf Timberline before and after

Do any of these apply to your roof?  Call us today for your free estimate at 253-445-8950 or fill out our quick estimate formCHASE CONSTRUCTION NORTH WEST, INC. has been MASTER ELITE® with GAF since 2011, and we would love to help solve any issues you may be having!