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What Type Of Metal Roofing Should I Use On My Home In Tacoma


What Type Of Metal Roofing Should I Use On My Tacoma Home

Metal Roof TacomaChase Construction North West, Inc specializes in residential metal roofing. A concern weoften run into from homeowners is making sure their roof does not look like a commercial store. What they are referring to is the look of the profile of standing seam metal panels. The standing seam is the portion of the panel that locks one panel to the other. On a commercial steel roof the standing seam is often 1.75” or 2” high. This is typical for a commercial roof. The panel profile for a commercial roof as described above would be a Custom-Bilt Metals CB-2000.

 Snap Lock Metal Roof Panels For Tacoma

If you are looking for a great balance between the protection of a metal roof with a residential profile, it is available on today’s market. Custom-Bilt Metals SLZ-1000 is the perfect panel for your home. The standing seam is only 1” high, removing it from the commercial appearance so many people want to avoid. The SLZ-1000 panel comes in 13” and 17” wide panels and comes in smooth or ribbed profiles. This panel is considered a snap lock panel, meaning that the system is connected together by the seams interlocking together. SLZ-1000 is ideal for roof pitches of 3” in 12” and not recommended on slopes lower than that. If you would like a slightly taller standing seam you might consider the SLZ-1500 panel which is has a 1.5” standing seam.

If you have what is considered a low slope or flat roofing system (a roof with a pitch lower than 3” rise in 12”) there are more profile options that will meet your need. Mechanically seamed panels are designed to handle the water flow on roof systems with lower slopes. Mechanically seamed panels are crimped together at the seam with a special crimping tool. These panels are the best choice for low slope systems, and are the only panels that qualify for an upgraded “Watertight System Warranty”. Custom-Bilt Metals has a few panel profiles that might suit your needs. The CB-100 has a 1” standing seam, and comes in 13” and 17” wide panels. The CB-150 panel has a 1.5” standing seam and comes in 12” and 16” wide panels.

Metal or steel roofing is a great investment and looks fantastic on a home. As a roofing contractor in Tacoma we have installed several metal roofs including 3 on Big Foot Java’s in the area. For more information on metal roofing please read our blog “Advantages of a Metal Roof”. You will also want to consider the type of underlayment you use onyour roofing system. Inadequate underlayment can be detrimental under a metal roof.

Metal roofing Tacoma

Our technicians are factory trained and certifed to install metal roofing.

We love to install metal roofs in the North West. Our installers are factory trained and certified with Custom-Bilt Metals. If you are interested in a quote for a new metal roof please give us a call at 253-445-8950 or fill out our free estimate form. One of our friendly staff will contact you shortly.

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Ice & Water Shield: Why It’s Important For Your Home


GAF Leak Barrier Membrane

Leak Barrier Membrane

Let’s face it, Washington is rain prone which can eventually lead to ice dam build-up in the winter and early spring seasons among higher elevation neighborhoods. These homes will succumb to an inch or more snowfall more often than sea-level homes will. A key element in providing a functional roof system is what we call an ice & water shield.

GAF Materials Corporation

Here’s how it works. After a storm, ice can form along the eaves, skylights, chimneys, and roof vents of a house. This build-up counters the slope of the roof, catching water and debris. Ice & water shield membrane placed in a critical leak area offers weather-tight protection against the collected water, keeping it out of the attic and the rest of the house. Chimneys and skylights will typically trap water so metal back pans and crickets are used to keep the water sloping down and around them in conjunction with an ice & water shield. A lot of homeowners are having contractors use the protective membrane at roof hips, ridges, and valleys as well for additional protection in all critical leak areas.


National roof code indicates the requirement for ice and water shield must extend a minimum of 2 ft up from edge of roof eaves. Typically, contractors suggest at least 3 ft or more as the material comes in 3 ft wide rolls. Doubling the width to 6ft (with slight overlap between the two sheets) will create a better performing roof system and is typically required for upgraded warranties (for a roof system as a whole) with most roofing material manufacturers.


GAF Leak Barrier Membrane GAF Materials Corporation holds superb warranties on their roof systems with the correct installation of leak barrier membrane by a certified contractor. The Weather Stopper® System Plus limited warranty covers the first 50 years for 100% coverage against manufacturing defects including cost of installation labor when using a Lifetime Architectural & Designer shingle system (20 years on 3-tab systems). This system includes placing ice and water shield (GAF Weather Watch®, StormGuard®, & UnderRoof™) in valleys and around all penetrations of the roof. The deluxe warranty offered by GAF, Weather Stopper® Golden Pledge covers the above stated with the addition of workmanship coverage. This includes 100% coverage for misapplication for 25 years (20 years on  3-tab) and includes tear-off and disposal costs if a replacement is necessary. Ice and water shield must be properly installed in valleys, around all penetrations and doubled to at least 2 ft beyond the warm wall (exterior wall) for houses at 1500 ft elevation and higher. This leak barrier is not necessarily required along roof rakes, but is generally recommended by certified GAF installers.


As a local Tacoma certified roofing contractor, we keep the water out of your house with the correct application of leak barrier membranes, and that’s why we’re a Master Elite Contractor with GAF Materials Corporation, proudly offering Weather Stopper® System Plus & Golden Pledge systems. We specialize in composition shingle systems and low slope roofs. Call us at 253-445-8950 for a free estimate or with questions regarding roof system warranties. You can also drop by our website at


Certified Roofing Contractor

Single Ply Roof Systems Are Becoming More Sustainable

Single Ply Roof Systems Are Becoming More Sustainable


New flat roofing systems, each with their own specific application purposes, are heading in an environmentally friendly direction, especially since President Obama instituted, “Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance,” an executive order (No. 13514) released back in October of 2009. Since then, federal, state, and local governments have been pushing for companies to procure building products with higher, “greener” standards. They are now picking and choosing systems from manufacturers that meet the Environmentally Preferable Product (EPP) purchase requirements set out by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Flat roof products are now being “graded” by durability, manufacturing processes, and overall design (product innovation and corporate governance are the other assessments but they don’t hold as much dominance). Contractors and architects alike are doing their best to fit in with all of this “green” hype and, we can take into account, that residential and commercial flat roofs with noticeably better sustainability are going to appeal more to agencies and building owners.


A recent May article from Professional Roofing states that, “sustainability-related information could prompt a manufacturer’s decisions about supply chain modifications, product content changes, manufacturing adjustments, performance improvements, end-of-life options and corporate governance with the goal of producing more sustainable products.”


NSF International, the forefront in product certification, official regulation, and public health standards for food and water formed a joint committee with ANSI in May of 2009 to develop NSF/ANSI 347 calling it the Sustainability Assessment for Single Ply Roofing Membranes. Their members have spent the last few years collecting data and developing product rankings dependent upon material recyclability into new and usable products, energy conservation during the manufacturing process with a close eye on air and material resources, and material field performance measurements.


With this new set of standards, other construction trades will soon follow in its footsteps to influence new standards across the whole board. You can read up on a few of the guidelines and rankings by visiting NSF International’s website, To purchase a full copy of NSF/ANSI 347, visit


As a local certified Tacoma roofing contractor, we’re all about sustainability and keeping up with our community, and that’s why were a Certified Green Roofer with GAF Materials Corporation. We specialize in not only flat roofing systems, but residential and commercial asphalt as well. Call us at 253-445-8950 for a free estimate or drop by our website:

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Award winning roofing contractor from Puyallup-Tacoma, Washington

Chase Construction NW Inc Named Amongst The Top 60 Award Winning Master Elite’s!

Top 60 Master Elite Award Winning Roofing Contractor

Chase Construction North West, Inc Roofing is proud to announce a new press release!! We received a notification in the mail this week and were named among the top 60 award winning Master Elite roofing contractor’s in the United States of America.

We earned 1 of 3 Master Elite Award’s this year for training excellence. Our goal for the next two years is climb to the top and achieve the GAF triple award status. In order to accomplish this we will continue to develop our company and its employees to be the best the roofing industry has to offer in the Tacoma, Puyallup and Seattle area.

We are committed to providing our roofing customers with the best “complete roofing system’s” available on the market today by GAF Material Corporation, the nation’s leading and largest roofing manufacturer.

We have been providing top quality roofing services in Tacoma, Puyallup, Sumner, Kent, Auburn, Renton and the surrounding cities for 10 years, with nearly 20 years of experience.

If you are interested in a free roofing consultation please fill out our free estimate form and we will get back to very quickly.

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