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  1. I had my total roof replaced in March,2013, by Chase. I was impressed by Chase’s attention to detail. They arrived when they said they would; they treated my plants, lawn and deck with care; no hidden charges; no foul language by the technicians; and when the technicians left there was no evidence they were there at all except for a nice new roof(white glove treatment). It is now July and since March we have experienced several strong wind & rain storms. The roof held up beautifully. July brings the heat and I believe the new roof has made my house a few degrees cooler. I give Joshua and his team high marks for price, quality and workmanship. Thank you Chase NW.

    1. Joy, thank you so much for the kind words!

  2. Really great tips. Our roof has gone through so much over the years and could really use a re-shingling.

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