Veterans Succeed with GAF

GAF’s Hire a Hero program is about more than training veterans to install roofs.  It’s about establishing lifelong relationships with veterans.

Even though the GAF roofing academy provides a solid base for veterans, the ingredients for success over their careers are not all learned at the academy.  Since graduates of the academy have personal relationships with GAF personnel, what that personnel can offer is often at the graduates’ disposal and can aid them throughout their careers.

At the graduation ceremony for the Class of 3-18, a Senior Territory Manager of GAF, Shawn Nolte, put this in clear terms when he discussed the future of the graduates careers.  He said, “If you’re not comfortable (on the job), especially if you don’t feel safe, give us a call and we’ll get you somewhere else.”

This is such a powerful tool the graduates have!  Safety on the roof is of the utmost importance, yet how many roofers who might feel like they don’t have as safe of an environment as they should know that they can just give one of the several GAF reps a call and get set up with a better contractor?  Guys like Nolte, Donovan Gladstone, Tom Stancik, Brian Jones, and ProTrain instructor Kenneth Garcy all know the ins and outs of the industry.  They have the right contacts and the drive to help veterans whenever they can. Like Nolte said, if one of their graduates gives one of them a call, the rep can get him set up with what he needs quickly and easily.

Chase Construction North West, Inc. is thrilled to be a part of this excellent program!  We have done our best from Day One to support GAF’s Hire a Hero program and we envision a great relationship for the future!

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Improving Your Roof with Attic Insulation

Ventilation is among the most important yet least addressed aspects of roofing systems today.  Proper ventilation is composed of many components, of which attic insulation is seldom addressed.  A poorly insulated attic can disrupt the ability for your roof to ventilate, resulting in damage of several types: mold, infestation, or corrosion.  Some homes can experience ice damming along the gutter lines or sagging of the roof deck.

Building codes for new homes are moving towards R-49 levels of insulation.  Most previously built homes have R-19 (the higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power).  New homes are getting appropriate levels of insulation, yet ones that have not been built under the new codes do not.

Working with Owens Corning, Chase Construction North West, Inc. offers a solution!  Owens Corning has developed a fantastic insulation product for new installation.  The ProCat Loosefill Insulation System is Greenguard Gold certified for air quality, is formaldahyde free, contains a minimum 73% recycled content, and loses virtually no R-value over time.  It doesn’t cause itching like other insulation can, and isn’t a food source for pests.  Perhaps best of all, it can reduce your energy bill!  A properly insulated attic minimizes heat loss and gain, potentially reducing energy costs by up to 20% and yielding a more consistent temperature room to room.

The two most common types of insulation are fiberglass and cellulose.  Owens Corning insulation is fiber glass, and it exceeds the quality of cellulose insulation over a range of issues.  Cellulose insulation is often touted as having higher R-value per inch.  This is not true given the density options of fiberglass products.  Fiberglass is made from sand and other inorganic materials, and is naturally noncombustible; whereas, cellulose insulation is made from newspaper and is naturally combustible.  To adjust for this, cellulose insulation is treated with fire-retardant chemicals, which can leach out and sometimes result in the insulation failing fire safety standards.  Properly treated cellulose insulation burns at 450 degrees fahrenheit, the surface temperature of a 75-watt light bulb.  Cellulose insulation settles about 20% over time (losing R-value), while fiberglass insulation settles less than 1% (maintaining R-value).

Knowing whether your attic has the right amount of insulation and finding contractors who can fix it can be difficult.  As roofing contractors, we have a unique ability to address this issue, because we can join the attic insulation installation to the re-roof installation on existing homes.  Since we’re already removing the old layer of roofing material, we can access the attic through the roof and install insulation without running the machine through the home.

If you’re looking for a new roof, there’s never a better time to fix any attic insulation issue.  Doing so helps extend the life of the roof by improving ventilation and potentially reducing energy costs!  CHASE CONSTRUCTION NORTH WEST, INC.  has been a family owned business since 2002!  Give us a call at 253-445-8950 or fill out our quick estimate form!


Roofing Contractor in Pierce County

GAF vs. CertainTeed

Most homeowners are looking for a top quality shingle yet often don’t know the difference between some of the top brands. GAF and CertainTeed have reputation for being among the best and they are commonly compared.

We have a favorite: GAF. We’re one of the select few Master Elite® certified roofing contractors, and our experiences with their products are always positive. For homeowners looking for a high-end, long-lasting roof that doesn’t break the bank and that they don’t have to worry about, our go-to recommendation is GAF Timberline HD®. But some customers have heard that CertainTeed offers a better product, so we would like to clear up why we prefer GAF.

The first place you want to look when evaluating a roofing shingle is the reputation of the manufacturing plant you’ll receive your shingles from. Even when one company might have the same product with the same name and the same specifications, the quality of the product can vary greatly depending on where it is manufactured.

GAF as a whole has not had an unblemished history. Several of its manufacturing facilities underwent a class action lawsuit that settled in 2015. This may be a contributor to why some homeowners are cautious about using GAF shingles. However, when history is broken down by facility, the story changes. The plant that manufactures all GAF products in our area of the Pacific Northwest, Gaf Shafter Shingle Plant, has a phenomenal track record. The plant creates the best shingle we’ve seen. While there might be cause for concern in some plants in some parts of the world, over here in the Pacific Northwest, our GAF shingles are about as good as it gets.

Much of what people say about different shingles doesn’t take this information into account. A person who has a great experience with GAF may live in the Pacific Northwest yet not mention that when discussing his or her experience. The inverse can be true of somebody with a poor experience. If the manufacturing origin of the shingle is unknown, people discussing their experiences online can be misleading.

CertainTeed’s history isn’t unblemished either.  In 2009, the company settled a number of class action lawsuits for defective organic shingles.  There have since been similar reports of CertainTeed asphalt shingles malfunctioning in the same manner.  This doesn’t mean that CertainTeed shingles should be avoided.  Instead, it means the same thing that the storied history for all shingle manufacturers means: the facility in which the shingles that will go on your roof matters.

The next step is to evaluate the fine print of their warranties. GAF and CertainTeed both boast top notch warranties, but with some key distinctions. We believe that the GAF warranties are more secure. GAF’s language leaves less room for the company to void a warranty than CertainTeed’s language does. For example, CertainTeed states that “any shingles applied to inadequately ventilated or non-ventilated decks…are subject to a reduced limited warranty period of ten years and do not qualify for SureStart Protection.” The language allows CertainTeed to interpret ventilation adequacy and deny coverage based on that.  Since most homes have ventilation issues, many homeowners with CertainTeed products might find themselves being denied warranty coverage after their shingles fail. GAF doesn’t have such language and homeowners are not at risk of being wrongly denied warranty coverage for this reason.

An additional yet key difference in warranties is who conducts the installation.  GAF’s and CertainTeed’s highest warranties (Golden Pledge® and SureStart™ PLUS, respectively) may boast the same 25-year workmanship warranty, but that doesn’t mean that the probability of the homeowner having to call in the warranty is the same.  Who is allowed to provide each warranty?  CertainTeed only allows its 5 Star SureStart Plus warranty to be offered by its SELECT ShingleMaster™ contractors.  GAF’s highest level of contractor, Master Elite®, are the only who can provide the Golden Pledge warranty.  3% of GAF contractors are Master Elite.  The number of CertainTeed contractors that are SELECT ShingleMaster is a difficult number to come by.  By my calculations, there are approximately 2 and a half times as many SELECT ShingleMaster contractors than Master Elite contractors.

This means that if quality of installation and warranty are top priority to you, if you go with GAF’s most secure offering, the contractors installing the material are in the top 3% of contractors.  If you go with CertainTeed’s top offering, the contractors installing the material are in around the top 7.5% of contractors.  For something as important as your roof, this can be a big difference.  The larger pool of contractors providing CertainTeed’s top warranty means there is a higher probability that the installation may not be as good.

What is your experience with these different shingle manufacturers?  We would love to hear about it in the comments below!


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NRCA National Roofing Week

NRCA National Roofing Week 2018: Signature Projects

Having long-term friendships can be a sign that you’re giving at least as much as you’re receiving, that your word can be relied upon, and that you’re a joy to be around.  These are some of the main reasons that one of our chief goals at Chase Construction North West, Inc. is developing friendships that last a lifetime.  When we have those, we know that we’re helping people and doing the right thing!

It’s always a great joy to hear from customers we’ve had over the years, to see how they’re doing, to get to know them better, and to find their satisfaction of the roofing service we provided.  When we hear that a previous customer wants us to do more work for them, it’s one of the most fulfilling parts of our work.

One such example came up recently when we re-roofed a customer’s house in 2017.  It was for the same customer that Joel had installed a roof for 21 years ago!

Here’s some photos:

This week has been a blast! Thanks so much to all of you for joining us during this week!

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