Protect your Roof with Tiger Paw™ Underlayment

Tigerpaw underlayment

Composition shingles protect homes from the brunt of weather and sunlight, yet they are not the only line of defense.  Underlayments play the crucial role of secondary layer of protection beneath the shingles. During heavy storms, wind can push rainwater up the lower side of the shingles, or ice can pack and seep beneath them.  Shingles are naturally resilient against these issues, yet they can deteriorate over time or they may not be installed correctly.  Without an underlayment, moisture would reach the roof deck substrate and begin to rot the structure.

Roofing Warranties Explained

Do you know what kind of roofing warranty you have?  Is it for material defects only?  Does it cover labor or misapplication?  Does it cover a full dollar amount or is it prorated?

These are among the most important questions to ask when getting a new roof because they can mean a significant difference in quality, longevity, and the amount you would have to pay for any fix in the future.

Get an Excellent Roof with These 5 Tips for Selecting a Roofing Contractor

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The most common ways that homeowners find roofing contractors is through referral or internet reviews.  These contractors then visit the home, assess the roof in question, discuss options with the homeowners, and either provide an estimate right then or within the next 24 hours.

Choosing an honest and reliable contractor who will provide you with the kind of craftsmanship you most want is of the utmost importance.  Sometimes understanding a roofing estimate or comparing multiple estimates can be a tough task.  This article intends to give the most effective tips we’ve gathered from our experience in this industry to ensure you get the contractor who is right for you.

GAF® Warranties

A new roof is often a hefty investment that involves thousands of hard earned dollars that go towards a product meant to last 25,30, 40 years, or more. As with any such purchase, additional assurance that you are covered in case of any problems or defects makes the GAFtransition easier and less risky for the buyer. Though most manufacturers offer at least a limited warranty against manufacturer defects, it is vital to understand the type of coverage you are getting and what the specific terms and conditions entail. Our customers who opt for a GAF® roofing system have the opportunity to choose between the more rudimentary Weather Stopper® System Plus Ltd. Warranty and the more comprehensive Golden Pledge® Ltd. Warranty. Though both provide additional peace of mind, here we will expound on the coverage they provide and the benefits of upgrading to a Golden Pledge.

The GAF Weather Stopper® System Plus Ltd. Warranty provides coverage against manufacturing defects for all major GAF components on your roof, not just your shingles. The warranty is available through all of GAF’s factory-certified contractors and it Gaf System Plus warrantyis a low-cost way to get up to 50 years of non-prorated coverage on your new roofing system. The 100% coverage for material defects lasts the entirety of these years and covers the entire system as well as the cost of installation labor. As far as workmanship coverage, this particular warranty gives the typical coverage offered by a contractor. This includes two years of 100% coverage on labor costs as well as the mending of misapplication of certain flashings. Tear off costs are covered for material defects only and disposal costs are unfortunately not covered. The warranty includes a one time free warranty transfer as well as maximum wind coverage up to 130mph, category 3, hurricane wind speed.