Residential Roofing From CertainTeed®

At Chase Construction NW, Inc. we work with a variety of products, and today we are going to focus on just one – CertanTeed. This company was founded in 1904 by George Brown, and after 13 years in business, the slogan for the General Roofing Manufacturing Certainteed roofing Chase Construction North West Inc.Company was so popular, they changed the name of the company! “Quality made certain, Satisfaction Guaranteed.” That’s how the name CertainTeed was born!

Since it’s start, this company has grown as a premier asphalt shingle manufacturer. In the 1960’s the company expanded to include fiberglass insulation and PVC pipes, leading to the introduction of solid vinyl siding. Recently in 2007, the company added Gypsum and ceilings to their scope of building materials as well! In 2015, CertainTeed re-established themselves in a new state of the art headquarter building that showcases 40 products! Since this new building has an open floor plan, it enables the research team to test the impact of the products in a real environment, providing the company with the ability to innovate better products and solutions for consumers.

Roof Point – Elevating Environmental Performance

Renton RooferIn 2012, the Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing launched RoofPoint, a voluntary, consensus-based sustainable/green roof rating system developed by the center to help building owners and designers select nonresidential roof systems based on long-term energy and environmental benefits. This is a great resource for roofing contractors and builders since the subject of sustainability is vast and can be confusing. This collaboration provides new and replacement roof projects with a measure that ensures that they are designed, installed, and maintained in accordance with the best sustainable practices available.

Describing sustainability in roofing is difficult because the descriptions can be contradictory, and the sustainability of modern roofs serves many functions and impacts the environment in many different ways. For example, cool roofs help reduce air pollution and global warning by lessening the effects of the heat-island effect in the urban landscape, while warm roofs help reduce our carbon footprint by keeping heat within the building for as long as possible in cooler climates. Both are sustainable to the environment that they are in. This is were RoofPoint comes in.

Greenbuild International Conference and Expo

Greenbuild Conference 2015Here at Chase Construction North West Inc., we love mother-nature and are committed to a sustainable future. We have been elated at the strides made in our industry that have been geared towards more green operations. From environmentally conscious products to processes, our functions have been shifting to meet the needs of our planet and its’ bright future. We are very excited about the upcoming Greenbuild International Conference and Expothe largest conference and expo dedicated to green building. From November 18-20th, the green building community will gather to share ideals and help ignite a mutual passion for issues that matter. The buzz about this event has been contagious and we cannot wait for all we will learn and implement into daily practice.

Here at Chase Construction North West Inc., we stay on top of current trends so that we can best serve you. We know how important sustainability is and we always do our best to stay educated on new products and trends. We have been in business for over 13 years so we have seen all types of roofing problems and know the best solutions. Our project estimators are passionate about their work and can explain the benefits of our products. We specialize in residential and commercial roofing, no matter the material! Ask us to show you the beautiful roofs we have installed in the past and let us tell you what’s best for your next roofing project! Don’t wait for the cold winter months to start your next roofing project! We provide services in King County and Pierce County, along with major cities such as Seattle, Tacoma, Puyallup, Federal Way, Renton, Auburn, Des Moines and all of the surrounding cities. If you are in need of roofing, decking, waterproofing, or skylight installation services, contact Chase Construction North West Inc. today or fill out our quick estimate form or call us at 253-445-8950. 

Around the Puget Sound in August 2015

With all this great weather we’ve been having, we at Chase Construction North West, Inc. love to be outdoors! I mean we are roofers after all, so when we aren’t up on a roof enjoying the sun, we like to join the community and have a little fun! There is way too much fun stuff for us to do all ourselves, so we thought we’d share some with you! From music festivals to pony rides, and even community parades, here are a few things happening around the Puget Sound this weekend!

RRDays-logo-headerWould you love to ride a steam powered locomotive? You can this weekend! Snoqualmie will be having their annual community festival celebrating their spirit and 1472960_10204413946087914_8257471649298995511_norigins as a railroad and logging town. This event includes a grand parade, timber sports demonstrations, food and drink venues as well as the fireman’s pancake breakfast that started it all!

Gray Vs. White Single Ply Roofing Membranes

Lets face it, we are in a climate of “green building”, “environmentally friendly”, and “sustainable building practices”, or whatever other buzz word you want to throw at it. The fact of the matter is that from consumers to municipalities, there is a strong consensus that extreme care should be taken to make sure our construction activities are Chase Construction North West Inc.manufactured and installed to protect the environment, save energy and keep materials out of land fills. The challenge our manufacturers face when designing products is that not every climate is the same. Roofing systems and products that are perfect for Texas might not necessarily perform as well in Washington and vice versa. Texas is hot with blistering sun, hurricanes, tornados and enormous hail stones while Washington has an incredible amount of precipitation and rain 9 months out of the year with much Chase Construction North West Inc.cooler temperatures. Just by describing the inclement weather systems, we can see right off the bat that these different regions have very different needs. That thought sets the platform for very recent topic and trend change concerning gray vs. white single ply roofing membranes in Washington State. I would like to share a few problems that have recently been discovered concerning single ply roofing systems, and how local experts feel the issues can be addressed.

Scientists have become a huge factor and force behind the construction industry. They are contributing testing, data and ideas that are helping to create longer lasting products that carry better warranties and perform better in adverse climates. In recent decades the roofing industry has utilized the scientific principles of solar reflectivity to design what is known as “cool roofing” products. In essence these materials have lighter colors such as white, light blue, light tan or similar color Chase Construction North West Inc.variations that reflect light rather than absorbing it. The result is that a higher amount of the suns rays are reflected which keeps the building temperature cooler, both reducing the cost to cool buildings, and preventing premature decay to the structure due to excessive heat and moisture. The cool products have been very successful and are available now with low slope roofing products such as TPO, PVC and EPDM, granulated Torchdown, roof coatings and even asphalt shingles with reflective colored granules. Most of these products are Energy Star rated and qualify for a Federal Tax Credit. In most cases these systems are effective in practice, however recent discoveries in Washington State show that “cool colors” may not be so cool for our region.

Tacoma Restaurant Week 2015

We love the cities we work in and this week we cannot wait to experience the value and fun Tacoma Chase Construction North West Incthat Tacoma Restaurant Week will bring! So far, 25 restaurants have signed up to offer their customers the experience of a lifetime that includes a three-course dinner for $28, or a three-course lunch for $15. This yummy event is going on now through the 23rd and here at Chase Construction North West Inc., we wish we could try them all! With participants such as El Gaucho and The Melting Pot, the deliciousness won’t be in short supply.

Tacoma Restaurant Week hasn’t been around for the last three years, but even with this gap in operations, restaurant owners are ready and willing to participate. Whether to Tacoma Restaurant Week 2015debut their new menu or simply get the chance to see more of their community, their eagerness is obvious. Doyle’s co-owner Russ Heaton exclaimed his excitement about sharing their new dinner menu and believes that “If we can get someone in there, we can win them with the overall experience. The key is to get them in here.” We have been a family owned and operated business for over 13 years and we love to take the opportunity to support local! We also love Tacoma for its’ attempt to bring our community closer through delicious and affordable meals. Call us today for all your roofing needs Tacoma! Hope your taste buds are ready for the scrumptiousness of Tacoma Restaurant Week, now through the 23rd!