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New GAF Cobra Hip Vent

Keeping Proper Attic Ventilation in Mind

Proper attic ventilation is essential in every home. If your attic is not properly ventilated, heat and moisture can build up, causing your energy bills to skyrocket. Moisture may not be penetrating your roof, but humidity from your home can still be trapped in your attic, causing mold and mildew to grow, and be absorbed by the rafters and the roof deck, causing rot.

Attic Ventilation Solutions

proper attic ventilation is key for any roof systemOne popular solution for attic ventilation is soffit -ridge ventilation, such as GAF’s Cobra Intake Pro Rooftop Intake Vent and Exhaust Vent. This combination allows fresh cool air in and drives out warm moist air, promoting your homes energy efficiency. Since it is encouraging the exit of warm moist air, it also inhibits the growth of harmful mold and mildew, and prevents deterioration from roof rot. In addition, it prevents harmful ice damming on the roof during freezing temperatures. When installed with existing soffit vents, this system can improve attic airflow by up to 20%.

A Solution for New Architecture Trends.

Modern architectural styles of homes have evolved in the last 25-30 years to have more hips than ridge. proper attic ventilation is key for any roof systemThese “cut-up” roof plane designs have made effective ridge venting impractical. GAF acknowledged this need and developed it’s new Cobra® Hip Vent. In combination with Cobra Intake Pro Rooftop Intake Vent, it has the same benefits as Cobra® Exhaust Vent for Roof Ridge.

• Removes excess heat and moisture
• Prevents roof rot
• Limits the growth of mold and mildew
• Guards against ice damming

This new innovative product has 9 square inches of NFA for effective exhaust venting on homes with minimal to no ridge. It is virtually invisible from the street with it’s 5/8″ low-profile, making it an aesthetically pleasing option. Plus, it is also the only hip vent product available that can be fully applied with a nail gun, making it easier on the contractor!

About us

GAF Master Elite Roofer In Tacoma, WAWe love roofs of all shapes and sizes, so no matter the shape of your roof, we will treat it right! We at Chase Construction NW, Inc. are GAF  Master Elite® Contractors , (one of just 12 in Washington State), and love it when new products come out, especially those that make life easier for our customers! So if you are looking for a new roof, or just have a roof repair, or would even like to upgrade your roof venting system, let us do it for you! Fill out our free estimate form or call us today at 253-445-8950. Thank you for considering us for your next project!

Woodland® Lifetime Designer Shingles

The shingle that you should be considering

Woodland Lifetime Designer ShinglesFor 130 years, GAF has been turned to by homeowners to protect their most valuable asset. They are the company that manufactures North America’s #1 selling shingle brand and has been rated #1 in shingle quality by home builders in 9 out of the last 11 years. They have also won the Builder’s Choice Award several times. Today we are going to focus on  one of their lifetime designer shingles, the Woodland®

Woodland® Lifetime Designer Shingles

Do you want your roof to stand out? To be the talk of the neighborhood? Consider installing the Woodland®. Not only will it add curb appeal to your home (your roof can represent 40% your your homes curb appeal) but it will protect your greatest asset for years to come! This smart investment is designed to have the hand-cut, European look and combines the rustic charm with 21st century style.

The Benefits

  • Affordable Luxury. Woodland® shingles are only a fraction of the cost of traditional slate or wood shakes.
  • Sophisticated Designs. Artisan-crafted shapes combined with oversized tabs and a dimensional design result in a sophisticated beauty unmatched by typical shingles
  • Custom Color Palettes. Woodland’s custom color palette, designed exclusively for GAF by color industry expert Patricia Verlodt, features subtle blends with contrasting colors that are designed to enhance your home’s exterior and give it unexpected depth and beauty.
  • High Performance. Designed with Advanced Protection® Shingle Technology, which reduces the use of natural resources while providing excellent protection for your home (visit www.gaf.com/apsto learn more)
  • Stain Guard® Protection. Helps ensure the beauty of your roof against unsightly blue-green algae.
  • Highest Fire Rating. Class A fire rating from Underwriters Laboratories.
  • Stays In Place. Dura Grip™ Adhesive seals each shingle tightly and reduces the risk of shingle blow-off. Shingles warranted to withstand winds up to 130 mph (209 km/h)!


Let us install it for you!

12711169_1047592018597019_7091825938090564240_oWe have been installing roofs since 2002, you can see our handiwork all over the Puget Sound! We work in Tacoma, Puyallup, Kent, Renton, Seattle, and surrounding cities. As GAF Master Elite® Roofers (one of less than a dozen in Washington State), we are the contractor to install your GAF Woodland® roofing system! So if you are looking to upgrade your roofing system, re-roof an old roof, or just need a repair, contact us today for your free estimate! Call 253.445.8950, or fill out our quick estimate form. Thank you for your consideration!

Roofing Contractor Reviews

New Roof, Happy Customers

As you may know, roofing is our passion! We love every type of roof; metal, composition, shake, slate, and even flat roofs! But one thing that we love even more, is our customers and their satisfaction! Below are a couple of examples of how our passion for this industry translated over to exceptional work and satisfied customers.

 New Roof Review in Tacoma

Tacoma Roofer ReviewTacoma residents, Marty and Joyce, have been fixing up their beautiful Tacoma home, and were looking to have their roof replaced.  Since we already came highly recommended, they gave us a call! We met with them and gave them a competitive bid for GAF Timberline HD roofing system. Marty was impressed with the roofing products that we recommended, and was happy with the knowledge that we displayed. When we got the call that they chose Chase Construction NW, Inc. for their roof replacement, we were ecstatic! “Everyday they were arrived and left on time, and were extremely hard workers.” Satisfied with our services, they would recommend us to anyone needing a new roof . – Thank you Marty and Joyce!

South Hill Christian Church Gets A New Roof.

Puyallup Roofer ReviewMeeting with Pastor Mike Laramie after the project was complete, it was clear that he was satisfied with his experience with Chase Construction NW, Inc.. South Hill Christian Church in Puyallup, WA, had a concrete tile roof that was at the end of its life. When they were gathering bids to replace it, they gave us a call. We gave them quotes for a few different roofing materials that were comprehensive and competitive. As the elder board of the church evaluated bids from the different contractors that they contacted, they chose to go with Chase Construction NW, Inc. They are so pleased with their new roof that they would like to recommend us for anyone looking for a new roof. “Quality products, and great folks to work with.” –Pastor Mile Laramie. Thank you Pastor Mike Laramie and the people of South Hill Christian Church!

We Love Our Customers!

Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities, so when we hear such great feedback from our customers, we know that we are doing something right. If you need a new roof, you can trust that we will deliver what we promised. Call us today for your free estimate – 253-445-8950 or fill out our quick estimate form! We look forward to working with you!

Sumner Comes Together For One Of It’s Own

A New Roof For Kathy!

Here at Chase Construction NW, Inc., we love to be able to help others, almost as much as we love roofs. When we see a need, we do our best to do what it takes to be able to help. Recently, when we saw a need in our own back yard of Sumner, and we enthusiastically jumped on the opportunity to provide assistance.

Kathy Thompson’s childhood home was in need of repairs, and the biggest need was a new roof. Being a member at Faith Covenant Church in Sumner, she approached her Care Ministry Pastor, Donna Vande Kieft, and together they started seeking solutions to Kathy’s problem. Donna was able to enlist the help of Richard, a fellow member at her church, to oversee the painting of the house, as well as some repairs. But there was still the matter of the roof.

“This is really rewarding to see this happening because we were praying and thinking, how in the world was she going to live here for another winter with this roof.” -Pastor Donna Vande Kieft

Chase Construction NW, Inc. Takes Action!

When our fearless leader Joel, found out that a mutual friend was in desperate need of a new roof, he took action. Joel found out about Kathy’s need through a family member  that also attended her church. She had already entered a contest to win a new roof with the help of Pastor Donna, but Joel offered the roof if she didn’t win. And with the help of his friends at Blyton Gutter Company, new gutters as well! The very next day, the results of the contest came in and she didn’t win, but she still got her new roof thanks to Joel and Chase Construction NW, Inc.!

Before and after roof project

A Miracle Roof in One Day

With the help of MacArthur Co., and a full crew, we were able to strategically plan our day to complete the roof before sundown. Pastor Donna was there the entire day to offer Kathy's New Roofany help she could. She could be seen throughout out this (very hot) day cleaning up Kathy’syard and offering cold drinks to the crew. At the end of the day, a reception was held for Kathy and the crew. Several members of the church came to see Kathy’s new roof, and give their thanks to Joel and the crew for making this happen.

Happy to Help!

We couldn’t be more proud of the leadership of Chase Construction NW, Inc. to set such an example of generosity and compassion. What our team and partners in the industry was able to pull off in just one day has impacted the community of Sumner in so many ways. Not only was a need fulfilled to a beloved member of the community, but friendships were formed as well.

Before and after roof project

If you are in need of a new roof or just a repair, you will be happy to know that the passion that we have to help those in need translates to every single one of our customers. Call us today for your free estimate – 253-445-8950 or fill out our quick estimate form! We look forward to working with you!

Check out the video of the project!