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Metal Roofing in Auburn, WA

A Local Metal Roofing Manufacturer

So you are ready to replace your roof and you have chosen to replace it with metal, but what manufacturer should you choose? Why not choose local! Nu-Ray Metals hails out of Auburn and has a wide variety of quality metal roofing systems!

NuRay Metals logo

NuRay Metals

Nu Ray teamNu-Ray is a family-owned business with over 100 yrs of combined experience. They pride themselves on customer service and offer the best technical service that is hard to find! With custom manufacturing facilities out of CA and Washington, they are big enough to handle any size job, taking just as much care for small re-roof projects, to large new construction projects. The facility offers state of the art equipment with experienced and knowledgable operators. Their fleet of trucks delivers local and long distance orders.

You will always find us on the cutting edge of the industry, adopting and refining new technologies, new paint systems, and new ideas that improve the quality of our products and service.

Why Choose Metal?

Since you have chosen metal for your roof replacement, you are probably already aware of the benefits, but lets explain them for those that are still on the fence about which material to go with. The upfront cost of a metal roofing system is more, but since it lasts much longer and has less maintenance, it will save you money in the long run. Asphalt shingles will only last you anywhere from 10-50 years, but a metal roof can last a lifetime! NuRay’s roofing products are 100% recyclable, so material left over from a project can be recycled, reducing waist. With industry-leading warranties, you can be comfortable knowing your roof is taken care of.

FAQs about metal roofing

There are many questions about metal roofing that have been addressed by the experts at NuRay. Here are just a few of the most common.

  • Is metal roofing noisy when it rains? Most people think of on old barn when they think of what the rain will sound like hitting a metal roof. But a home will have a solid wood roof deck and underlayment dampening the sound. The result is that a metal roof will sound similar to any roofing material.
  • Do metal roofs get hot in the Summer? All roofs get hot in the summer, but some, including metal, come in “cool” colors that reflect solar heat. Metal roofs also release solar heat more readily saving money on energy costs of the home.
  • Are metal roofs heavy? Contrary to popular belief, metal roofs are actually 50% lighter than asphalt roofs, and 75% lighter than concrete tile, and slate. So, no,  metal is not considered a heavy roofing material.
  • What will happen during a lightning storm? Metal roofs are no more likely to be struck by lightning than any other roof. But if it does get struck, it dissipates the electrical charge, actually helping to prevent damage.


Our favorite Options

Here at Chase Construction North West Inc., we most frequently use the 1000 and 6000 series of this line of products. They both come in a variety of gauges that are perfect for any roofing project, and you don’t need to worry about lack of finishes with either as there are a number of options available. They both require a 3:12 minimum slope and apply over open framing and/or solid substrate. They also both have flat panel, pencil runs, or striations options.

The NRM 1000

In the 1000 series, continuous panels run from the ridge of the roof all the way down to the eaves, meaning there are no horizontal seams. This is a standing seam system, the seams between each panel are raised above the level of the roofing panel preventing water entry. In total, the roof has a far fewer number of seams.  This metal material is also much tougher than standard composition, provides the “cool roof” benefits, and comes in a much wider array of colors. The 1000 series is available in 2224 and 26 gauge and comes with a concealed fastener coup system. The finishes available are 40-year painted, Zincalume Plus, copper, and aluminum.


The NRM 6000

The 6000 series is a classic snap lock system. This type of system provides all of the sturdiness and protection benefits, as well as the aesthetic factors. The snap lock system is designed to save on labor costs as the seams can be locked by a simple snapping of the panels together. This allows sections of the roof to be easily accessed if there are any problems down the line. Additionally, the snap lock roof panel installation offers high level of wind uplift protection and with it, these standing seam roof panel float on the roof deck, allowing for expansion and contraction with temperature extremes. The 6000 series comes in 24 and 26 gauge and has a concealed fastener snap lock system with no clips needed. The finishes available are 40-year painted, Zincalume Plus, and Copper. With either system, you can be sure that your roof will look sleek and protect your home for life.

About Us

IssaquahMetalRoof-7900Here at Chase Construction North West Inc., we have the experience and know-how on how to install these unique and innovative systems. We have been in the business for over 15 years and we perform all work in the most professional manner possible. We produce happy customers each time with our honest and reliable service. Let us show you we are the best for the job at one of our completely free estimates. We provide services in King County and Pierce County, along with major cities such as Seattle, Tacoma, Puyallup, Federal Way, Renton, Auburn, Des Moines and all of the surrounding cities. If you are in need of roofing, waterproofing, or skylight installation services contact Chase Construction North West, Inc. today. Fill out our free estimate form or call us today at 253-445-8950. Thank you for considering us for your next project!

The 2nd Annual RCAW Trade Show

Back for a 2nd year!

Last year, the Roofing Contractors Association of Washington (RCAW) started a new tradition by hosting their 1st annual trade show, and we were there! Sponsored by some of the very companies that we work with everyday, in our opinion, the first trade show was a success. On February 16th, Washington’s roofing professionals and contractors met again at Tukwila’s Double Tree Hotel to learn about new products and programs, enjoy show specials, experience educational seminars, and snack on some yummy appetizers. Check out what happened this year below!

The Sponsors

The sponsors of this event really help make the whole thing happen. This years sponsors included IKO, Salal Credit Union, CertainTeed, NuRay Metals, Owens Corning, and DecTec. It was great to see some new information about and socialize with some of our favorite companies to work with!

The Classes

RCAW Trade Show 2017Part of the effectiveness of this annual trade show are the break out sessions. These sessions were informative and spread out throughout the day, so the participants could attend as many as they needed to. Classes included an introductory to the RCAW, fall protection training, “First Man Up” by safety matters, and more! We are excited to see what this year brought to the trade show! We were able to attend a few classes, and talk with several of the booths about new products and services. With the momentum of last years success, this year was also a memorable and educational time!

About Us

Being around like minded professionals only reminded us of why we love what we do! We love providing our customers with quality work and products, and we are fortunate here in the Northwest to have such great products available! If you are looking for a professional roofing contractor who cares about the end result, and about your satisfaction, look no further! Chase Construction NW, Inc. is your roofing contractor! We have several repeat customers that will agree! Call us today for your free estimate – 253-445-8950 or fill out our quick estimate form! We look forward to working with you!

Adding Curb Appeal with a New Roof!

What is Curb Appeal?

Wikepedia defines curb appeal as “An attractiveness of the exterior of a residential or commercial property, as viewed from the street.” As a roofing company, curb appeal is our business. Call us biased, but nothing is more attractive to us on a house than a beautiful roof. Yes Yes, the rest of the house is important too, but expertly install an architectural 50 year shingle on that house, and we are happy! But recognizing that our love for roofs isn’t necessarily shared with the rest of the general population, here are some other tips to add curb appeal to your home pulled from our pinterest page (have you followed us yet?)

DIY Projects

Curb Appeal IdeasDisplaying your house numbers in a creative way is a relatively easy way to add some curb appeal. There are many ways to execute this concept, that you can do yourself! Again, are you following us on Pinterest yet?

Painting your door is another easy way to add instant curb appeal to your home. Most experts would say that a bold color to make the door stand out is the best way to achieve this. Here is a link to some great color ideas. And just for fun, here is another link.

Another idea for adding some attractiveness to your home is to update your mailbox. Curb Appeal IdeasHere is a link for a mailbox make over that you can do this weekend!

Attractive Lighting is easy to add. Don’t want to buy new lights? Try updating the ones you already have! Here is link to a thrifty exterior light makeover.

Lastly, Shutters! Shutters not only add a pop of color, they add an architecrual detail that is a subtle but impactful way to add a uniqueness to your home. Here is a link to some instructions to do it yourself

Can we talk about the roof now?

Yay! This is our favorite part! As you know, the attractiveness of your home determines its curb appeal. There are many ways to achieve this, from an easy weekend diy project, to a major overhaul, such as new windows, a fresh coat of paint, or re-designing your landscaping. But overlooking the roof can be a huge mistake. This doesn’t necessarily mean a full roof replacement. If your roof is relatively new, getting up there and cleaning off debris, and checking for loose shingles (and having them professionally repaired) may be all you need to refresh the look of your home. But if your roof is getting up there in age, or you are looking to upgrade to a different look, here are some roofing systems to consider

Architectural Asphalt Shingles:

Roofs installed by Chase Construction NW, Inc.A heavyweight architectural shingle will not only add that much desired curb appeal, but it can even add value to your home! With multiple color choices to fit any personality, these shingles also boast a “dimensional look” that add even more visual appeal to the roof. A couple systems that we work with (and our most popular choices) are the IKO Cambridge Architectural Roofing Shingles, and the GAF Timberline HD shingles. Both systems come with warranties that will make you comfortable about the investment, and if we install your roof system, you will even have access to exclusive warranties!


Metal Roof:

Metal Roofs installed by Chase Construction NW, Inc.Metal is becoming more and more popular as a residential roofing system. But why metal? A standing seam metal panel roof such as NuRay roofing products can save you up to 40% of energy costs compared to asphalt shingles. Just like asphalt shingles, it will add re-sell value to your home, but it lasts 4 times longer! Edco has a line of steel shingles that resemble shake! “The next generation of metal roofing” is becoming a popular choice for residential homes as well. Coming in blended, HD imaging, multi-tone colors, you can achieve a soft, weathered look with a steel “cedar” shake that won’t fade or diminish. EDCO Generations roofing will not warp, split, peel, or crack and defies winds up to 160 mph. Metal is also virtually maintenance free!

We love roofs!

I think you can see that we have a passion for roofs! Our obsession may be a little unhealthy, but its you who can benefit! You can feel comfortable that no matter what Roofing Company Reviewroofing system you choose (we are certified in a wide variety) we will execute it beautifully! Our customer’s satisfaction is also a major priority! We recognize that making you happy is extremely important, that is why we go over all the information with you, provide you with ways to research on your own, and keep you informed throughout the entire process. Check out this review from one of our satisfied customers:

Contact us today!

If you are in need of a new roof, or just a repair, we are here for you! Call us today for your free estimate – 253-445-8950 or fill out our quick estimate form! We look forward to working with you!

Edco Products & Steele Roofing


EDCO roofing productsFounded in 1946, EDCO Products is now the largest manufacturer of residential steel roofs and siding in the United States EDCO is continuing the tradition of innovation that it started in the post WWII era, with ground-breaking products in steel roofs and siding. They have received Metal Roofing Magazine’s “Top 10 Product” award 4 times, and their Metal of Honor award 5 times!  Visit their blog for details.

Steel Roofs by EDCO

Steel roofs retain their value better than asphalt shingles. They lower energy costs and can even get you a discount on your insurance! They also last a lifetime and can withstand more extreme weather. Being 100% recyclable and made from a minimum of 25% recycled material, steel roofs are also considered green roofs!


Edco has a line of steel shingles that resemble shake! “The next generation of metal roofing” is becoming a popular choice for homes across the US. They come in blended, HD imaging, multi-tone colors, so you can achieve a soft, weathered look with a steel “cedar” shake that won’t fade or diminish. A natural-looking HD impression is bonded between two layers of TRINAR® for a flawless, tough finish. EDCO Generations roofing will not warp, split, peel, or crack and defies winds up to 160 mph. This roofing system will add value to and beauty to your home for years to come!

We can install it for you!

Having been in the roofing industry since 2002, we are experienced, and certified in a wide variety of roofing products. We are happy to say that EDCO Generations Roofing Collection, is one of the products that we work with! Whether you are wanting a new metal roof by EDCO, or you want to go with a more traditional composition shingle, or even if you have a flat roof and require a roof coating, we can do it for you!  Call us today for your free estimate – 253-445-8950 or fill out our quick estimate form! We look forward to working with you!EDCO Generations Roof in Kent