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Roofing Contractor Reviews

New Roof, Happy Customers

As you may know, roofing is our passion! We love every type of roof; metal, composition, shake, slate, and even flat roofs! But one thing that we love even more, is our customers and their satisfaction! Below are a couple of examples of how our passion for this industry translated over to exceptional work and satisfied customers.

 New Roof Review in Tacoma

Tacoma Roofer ReviewTacoma residents, Marty and Joyce, have been fixing up their beautiful Tacoma home, and were looking to have their roof replaced.  Since we already came highly recommended, they gave us a call! We met with them and gave them a competitive bid for GAF Timberline HD roofing system. Marty was impressed with the roofing products that we recommended, and was happy with the knowledge that we displayed. When we got the call that they chose Chase Construction NW, Inc. for their roof replacement, we were ecstatic! “Everyday they were arrived and left on time, and were extremely hard workers.” Satisfied with our services, they would recommend us to anyone needing a new roof . – Thank you Marty and Joyce!

South Hill Christian Church Gets A New Roof.

Puyallup Roofer ReviewMeeting with Pastor Mike Laramie after the project was complete, it was clear that he was satisfied with his experience with Chase Construction NW, Inc.. South Hill Christian Church in Puyallup, WA, had a concrete tile roof that was at the end of its life. When they were gathering bids to replace it, they gave us a call. We gave them quotes for a few different roofing materials that were comprehensive and competitive. As the elder board of the church evaluated bids from the different contractors that they contacted, they chose to go with Chase Construction NW, Inc. They are so pleased with their new roof that they would like to recommend us for anyone looking for a new roof. “Quality products, and great folks to work with.” –Pastor Mile Laramie. Thank you Pastor Mike Laramie and the people of South Hill Christian Church!

We Love Our Customers!

Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities, so when we hear such great feedback from our customers, we know that we are doing something right. If you need a new roof, you can trust that we will deliver what we promised. Call us today for your free estimate – 253-445-8950 or fill out our quick estimate form! We look forward to working with you!

Another Great Looking Roof Done by Chase NW Inc!

The crew here at Chase Construction North West Inc., has once again gone above and beyond in ensuring that our customer got the best value and most professionally installed roof! This project was completed in the ever expanding city of Tacoma and utilized the IKO Cambridge shingle in Dual Black. We are IKO Shield Pro Plus installers and are highly trained when it comes to their products, so it is no surprise that we were able to enact a beautifully finished end product that was exactly what the customer wanted. Check out his great testimony below!

Chase Construction North West Inc. Tacoma roofing

Process & Materials

When re-roofing a home, it is often hard to tell the condition of the plywood and materials that rest below the roof structure. In some cases, there is extensive rot repair that is necessary before the application of new roofing materials. This was the case with the home here and our team ended up removing and replacing 43 sheets of 3/8” CDX plywood before beginning their IKO installation. This is an unforeseen extra cost, but is necessary to ensure the optimum lifetime for your new roof. After this initial bump in the road that was expertly circumvented by our crew, the installation of the value engineered yet high quality IKO materials began. As a vapor barrier, weTacoma roofing Chase Construction North West Inc.implemented hybrid underlayment and also installed ice and water shield in all critical leak areas. These steps are always performed in order to make sure that leaks and repairs are only sparingly needed under extreme conditions, or hopefully not needed at all. Next it was necessary to vent the roof to code. We did this utilizing the Cora-vent V300 system which is perfect for a low profile ridge vent that still provides plenty of ventilation. Afterwards, we removed and replaced the existing plumbing pipe boots with new neoprene no-caulk metal flange boots. Lastly, the IKO hip and ridge shingles were installed along with leading edge plus starter strip shingles. Just look at the beautifully finished result! Thank you to our crew for the fantastic work!

About Us

Here at Chase Construction North West Inc., we are constantly working on professionally installing new roofs in the Puget Sound region. We love to highlight our finished work and satisfied customers as a way to help spread the word of our awesome services and accomplishments! We have been in business for over 13 years and we owe all of our success to being the most honest and reliable name in roofing. Call us for all your roofing needs today Puget Sound, whether residential or commercial! We provide services in King County and Pierce County, along with major cities such as Seattle, Tacoma, Puyallup, Federal Way, Renton, Auburn, Des Moines and all of the surrounding cities. If you are in need of roofing, decking, waterproofing, or skylight installation services contact Chase Construction North West Inc. today at 253-445-8950 or fill out our free estimate form!


Hi, Melanie here. Check out my video as I talk with the homeowner of this project, to get his take on his experience with us – Chase Construction North West, Inc! Check it out Tacoma! And don’t forget to call us for all your roofing needs!

Determining Your New Roof System

Selecting Worthwhile Components For Weather-Tight Protection

by Allen Sensel

Today, selecting a new roof system might be as easy as finding the right certified contractor to install it for you. Several questions might come up, like which products and manufacturer to use. Typically, the best approach is to do some thorough research and I’m here to help explain the steps and guide you in the right direction. We’ll talk about picking and choosing the right sheathing, roof metals, underlayment, leak protection, and an asphalt system with their relative components to give your roof a great curb appeal and efficient protection.


The first protective layer to any house is typically the sheathing, which you will most often find to be conventional plywood, synthetic decking, or particle board. The sheathing is fastened directly to the rafters, covering your attic or crawlspace. Older houses with shiplap (3 to 8 inch wide, tongue and groove boards) are typically sheeted over to create a solid substrate to nail the layers of your roof to so that the system can qualify for a manufacturer warranty.


The purpose of using metals in an installation, is to protect the outermost edges of your roof from rot and to keep running water out of the valleys. Metal is usually 26 gauge and painted white, brown, or black for different accenting options, however, you can also have your metal ordered in other colors to perfectly match your color preferences.


Once the sheathing and metals are attached, the next step is applying an underlayment. The two most common types are referred to as #15 or #30 felt paper (referencing 15 or 30 pounds per roofing square [100 ft ²]). This material is asphalt saturated and supplied in long runs, making it cost effective. A far better deck protection would be a synthetic underlayment, like IKO’s RoofGard-SB. This kind of material can greatly increase the life of your plywood deck while keeping moisture from getting into your house.


Leak protection is the next critical component to a complete roof. National building code requires it to completely cover any roof section below a 3/12 pitch and along eaves in the northern regions. This helps keep wind-driven rain and standing water from ice dams from seeping into the attic and creating a significant problem. Most certified roofing contractors will, on the other hand, suggest placing this membrane among all critical leak areas of the roof (i.e. along rakes, in valleys, and around skylights and chimneys). IKO utilizes a glass fiber reinforced, self-adhesive membrane called StormShield in their roof systems, which meets most building code requirements and exceeds standard specifications for a quality product.


Composition roofing is the last product to top your roof off and is also one of the most noticeable pieces of your house, so choosing a style and color isn’t necessarily the easiest to do. One of the benefits of using a certified contractor is the selection process. Most will help you with the guess work and eliminate your need to dive into some extensive research about product comparison. The style of your new shingle will ultimately affect how your roof stands out. The latest, most popular style is the architectural laminate shingle, like the IKO Cambridge system. The premium designer systems, IKOs Armourshake, Crowne Slate, Grandeur, and Royal Estate can offer your house a long lasting, eye-catching addition to your home. A basic asphalt system is comprised of a starter course along the eaves and rakes, the main field shingles, and hip/ridge cap shingles to accent the prominent peaks. IKO offers an extensive line of products for a wide range of applications to suit your design needs, and a local certified contractor to get the job done right.


   As a local certified Puyallup roofing contractor, we’re here to help you select and install a quality roof system, and that’s why we’re a certified ShieldPro Plus+ Installer with IKO Manufacturing, Inc. We specialize in flat roof and composition systems for residential and commercial purposes. Call us at 253-445-8950 for a free estimate or drop by our website at http://www.chasenw.com.


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Ice & Water Shield: Why It’s Important For Your Home


GAF Leak Barrier Membrane

Leak Barrier Membrane

Let’s face it, Washington is rain prone which can eventually lead to ice dam build-up in the winter and early spring seasons among higher elevation neighborhoods. These homes will succumb to an inch or more snowfall more often than sea-level homes will. A key element in providing a functional roof system is what we call an ice & water shield.

GAF Materials Corporation

Here’s how it works. After a storm, ice can form along the eaves, skylights, chimneys, and roof vents of a house. This build-up counters the slope of the roof, catching water and debris. Ice & water shield membrane placed in a critical leak area offers weather-tight protection against the collected water, keeping it out of the attic and the rest of the house. Chimneys and skylights will typically trap water so metal back pans and crickets are used to keep the water sloping down and around them in conjunction with an ice & water shield. A lot of homeowners are having contractors use the protective membrane at roof hips, ridges, and valleys as well for additional protection in all critical leak areas.


National roof code indicates the requirement for ice and water shield must extend a minimum of 2 ft up from edge of roof eaves. Typically, contractors suggest at least 3 ft or more as the material comes in 3 ft wide rolls. Doubling the width to 6ft (with slight overlap between the two sheets) will create a better performing roof system and is typically required for upgraded warranties (for a roof system as a whole) with most roofing material manufacturers.


GAF Leak Barrier Membrane GAF Materials Corporation holds superb warranties on their roof systems with the correct installation of leak barrier membrane by a certified contractor. The Weather Stopper® System Plus limited warranty covers the first 50 years for 100% coverage against manufacturing defects including cost of installation labor when using a Lifetime Architectural & Designer shingle system (20 years on 3-tab systems). This system includes placing ice and water shield (GAF Weather Watch®, StormGuard®, & UnderRoof™) in valleys and around all penetrations of the roof. The deluxe warranty offered by GAF, Weather Stopper® Golden Pledge covers the above stated with the addition of workmanship coverage. This includes 100% coverage for misapplication for 25 years (20 years on  3-tab) and includes tear-off and disposal costs if a replacement is necessary. Ice and water shield must be properly installed in valleys, around all penetrations and doubled to at least 2 ft beyond the warm wall (exterior wall) for houses at 1500 ft elevation and higher. This leak barrier is not necessarily required along roof rakes, but is generally recommended by certified GAF installers.


As a local Tacoma certified roofing contractor, we keep the water out of your house with the correct application of leak barrier membranes, and that’s why we’re a Master Elite Contractor with GAF Materials Corporation, proudly offering Weather Stopper® System Plus & Golden Pledge systems. We specialize in composition shingle systems and low slope roofs. Call us at 253-445-8950 for a free estimate or with questions regarding roof system warranties. You can also drop by our website at http://www.chasenw.com


Certified Roofing Contractor