Architectural Composition Shingles Lakewood

If you want your roofing system to look good and unique but do not wish to sacrifice the benefits of conventional asphalt shingles, Chase Construction Northwest, Inc. has the perfect solution for you – architectural composition shingles.

Made with a fiberglass mat covered in carefully refined asphalt that has ceramic-coated mineral granules tightly embedded in it, dimensional or architectural composition shingles are used in Lakewood, WA area properties for roof construction.

Much thicker than traditional asphalt shingles, architectural composition shingles create a shadow effect to give a distinctive appearance to the roof.Enhanced curb appeal is not the only attraction of using architectural composition shingles.

Lakewood property owners love investing in composite roofing systems made with architectural composition shingles also because these shingles:

  • Can stand up to wind and hail
  • Withstand moisture and resist water damage
  • Are not easily stained by black algae

Asphalt Shingles Lakewood

Give us a call if you are interested in learning more about the innovative dimensional asphalt shingles that have revolutionized the roofing industry with their combination of aesthetics and superb functionality.

We can construct your roof with dimensional asphalt shingles that are made to imitate the look of slate or cedar shakes for your Lakewood area home. The color choices in shingles allow us to install a roof that complements and enhances the exterior appearance of your property.

Another good thing about opting for our architectural composition shingles is that these are available in a vast selection of:

  • Design styles
  • Colors
  • Textures

Lakewood Composite Roofing Systems

While there are many options in roof types and roof materials, composite roofing systems are hugely popular. The composite shingles are typically made with multiple ingredients including laminate, wood, asphalt, and fiberglass. These tend to last much longer than plain asphalt shingles.

We specialize in the installation of composite roofing systems. Lakewood home and business owners who hire us to install their roof with composition shingles rest easy as the job is done to perfection.

While carrying out the construction of composite roofing systems, our certified technicians:

  • Work with top-quality products
  • Are attentive to details
  • Remain focused on delivering professional services

Contact us to schedule a roof installation with the composite roofing systems. Our services assure you of a budget-friendly project resulting in an attractive, efficient, easy-to-maintain and durable roofing system.

Chase Construction Northwest, Inc. is the expert to hire for construction of composite roofing systems in the Lakewood area. Call (253) 999-9232 today!