Attic Insulation Kent


Installation of attic insulation is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways of improving the overall indoor comfort of a home. Proper insulation of the attic also brings about a major reduction in energy consumption and expenses.

Place a call to Chase Construction North West, Inc. if you are ready to have your attic insulated. Our expertise goes beyond roof installation, repair and replacement to include attic insulation services for Kent, WA residents and business owners.

Even the highest-quality and the most thermally efficient roofing product on the market will fail to prevent huge energy bills or too hot or cool rooms in your house if the attic is not insulated. Set things right and call us without further delay for attic insulation in your Kent home.

We are committed to doing a professional job:

  • Using top grade loose fill insulation material
  • Working with utmost diligence
  • Working with a detailed, well-defined process

Crawl Space Insulation Kent

crawl-space-insulation-kent-waWhen you have insulation installed throughout your home including the attic but neglect the crawl space insulation, the overall effectiveness of home insulation is affected.

Call us to install crawl space insulation in your Kent home if you want to optimize the energy efficiency of your property. Our company is staffed by highly skilled technicians who are experienced in installing crawl space insulation in both ventilated and unventilated crawl spaces.

We work meticulously to make sure that the crawl space insulation in your Kent home is installed:

  • Professionally
  • To deliver excellent results
  • In the shortest time possible

Attic Loose-Fill Insulation

attic-loose-fill-insulation-kent-waThere are a number of products on the market that can be used for insulating an attic. Spray foam, batt, and blown-in or loose fill insulation are some of the available choices. We specialize in installing loose fill insulation in attics.

There is a marked preference among homeowners for attic insulation with loose fill because it has proven to be:

  • Fast to install
  • Extremely efficient
  • Effective for filling in hard-to-reach places

Calling us to add loose fill attic insulation in your Kent home is an outstanding home improvement decision. In fact, it pays for itself by bringing significant savings on energy costs immediately and continuing with considerable energy efficiency for years to come.

When you have decided to invest in crawl space insulation or attic insulation in your Kent home and are looking for an expert, reliable, and affordable contractor to handle the job, call Chase Construction North West, Inc at 253-999-9232.