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GAF Roofing’s 2022 NW Roofing Expo A Smashing Success

As a local roofing contractor, Chase Construction NW, Inc. places tremendous value and effort into our continued education programs. Every year we attend key conferences and networking meetings so our staff and management can be sharpened and up to date with the most relevant technology and products. This has served us well for two decades and helped us to maintain our status as one of the highest rated roofing contractors in the Puget Sound. We continued that tradition this year at the long awaited GAF NW Roofing Expo!

GAF is the worlds largest roofing manufacturer. They hold the title to some to some of the leading technological advancements in the asphalt shingle world including their advanced matt and their mechanically seamed nail area just to name a few. As forward thinkers in the manufacturing industry GAF has also invested heavily into contractor training, development and education. This is demonstrated in their extensive C.A.R.E training in their regional roofing expos that they put on through out the Nation. These contractor expos are a very well put together, creating a smorgasbord of inspirational and educational opportunities to help train and position local roofing contractors in their perspective markets. 

This years NW Roofing Expo, hosted at the Tulalip Casino was not only highly anticipated but special. Due to COVID the 2020 event was cancelled, leaving a 4 year gap for Washingtons largest and leading roofing event. In true GAF fashion they made up for that long time gap with a next level event kicked off with a pre-conference concert and party! Over 200 people attended the pre event party which included Eldridge Gravy & The Court Supreme, an emerging and high energy band from the Pacific Northwest. The electrifying music was the perfect background as roofing contractors, vendors and local distributors all let down their walls of competition for a night of fun and free drinks on our friends at GAF. 

The main event kicked off bright and early the next morning with a high energy breakfast and greetings from team GAF. It was great to see our local reps including Donovan Gladstone, Tom Stanzik and Joe Horn.  Our team including Joel, Chase, Heather, Mattheus & guest Jonathan Brown. Nextwe were able to disperse and attend a variety of breakout sessions that featured some of the top experts in the industry. The classes were diverse ranging from sales training, steep and low slope installation training, safety, insurance and just about anything else under the sun that is critical to a the success of a roofing contractor. With a good size team in attendance we spread out and took advantage of every moment of education we could get. 

The event ended with an absolute bang of nostalgia featuring Legendary Seahawks Quarterback Jim Zorn as the keynote lunch speaker. Jim helped to motivate our “game” demonstrating how slight adjustments to our approach can help us to gain accuracy and help us reach out goals and targets. He brought up our local GAF rep Donovan Gladstone and another local installer up to participate in his lesson. Jim had both participants throw a pass to each other and then systematically “adjusted” their form in order to produce a more accurate and effective pass. With each adjustment their ability to throw a stronger and more accurate pass increased. This live action teaching translated well into a key principal, if we will continue to grow and adjust we can position ourselves to meet our goals. It’s not always the big things that make a difference, it’s the ability to adjust and perfect the day to day processes that create consistent success and up with turning into game changing results. 

Our team at Chase Construction NW, Inc. was proud to attend the GAF NW Roofing Expo! We appreciate the opportunity to received high level educational opportunities that enable us to grow as a leading GAF Master Elite contractor serving the Puget Sound! We are looking forward to the next 2024 Expo and all it will bring to the table for the local contractor base. Thank you team GAF for investing into us, keep up the good work. 

Check out Jim Zorn’s full speech here:


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