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  1. I have been anxiously looking to find info relating to this and stumbled upon your website online by utilizing google.

  2. The points you have share in this blog is really very helpful while choosing roofing contractor. I have done my home roofing by roofing contractors Colorado spring and i really satisfy by their service and their quality work.

  3. What’s the best source for locating contractors in the Philadelphia, Pa area that are not afraid of the qualification standard you prescribe….if you have any referral,please provide. What’s the best source for general info on roof applications.The house is a 3 story residential, urban brown stone attached end row property. Any advice will be appreciated….Thanx’s
    Your company company standard is a rare commodity….

    1. Donald,

      Please visit http://www.gaf.com. There is a section on the right of the front page that says find a GAF certified roofing contractor. Simply type in your zip code and it will pull up a list of GAF Master Elite contractors. All of the contractors shown are in the top 2% of roofing contractors nationally! You will be able to view real customer reviews and roofing projects they have installed. This is a safe way to go. Thanks for contacting us Donald.

  4. They should also have liability insurance in case something goes wrong with their work. In many areas this is a legal requirement.

  5. Although some roofing companies are generally quite talented at making themselves seem extremely worthy of hiring, it is imperative to go into thorough detail with your comparison.

  6. You’ve got great tips for hiring a roofer. I love how you said that it’s good to find someone who is licensed, bonded, and insured, and who is willing to show us that. We need our asphalt shingles repaired, so I’ll be sure to check this.

    1. It’s a great way, but still not comprehensive way, to avoid fly-by-nighters

  7. It’s good to know more about hiring a roofer. I love how you said that it’s good to check certification so that we get a good warranty. Since we’re looking at getting a new roof, a lifetime warranty would be awesome!

    1. Lifetime warranties are pretty great indeed.

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