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  1. Thank you for your details comparisons and information. We’re looking at Malarkey v. IKO’s products on a boathouse with a 2/12 pitch. Would love your comments and suggestions as to which you would use. It will get Northern winds in the winter on a lake on the Sunshine Coast of B.C.

    1. Thank you for the great question!

      We have excellent experience with the shingles that come out of IKO’s manufacturing facility in Sumas, WA. It’s right on the border and near enough to the Sunshine Coast in B.C. that you almost certainly would get shingles from that plant as well. Though, I would double check with the contractor to be sure.

      On 2/12 pitch you will want ice and water shield (also called leak barrier) on the entire roof deck (or possibly a double layer of the manufacturer’s underlayment instead). Since this is a boathouse, you probably have a ton of air flow in and out. But if the boathouse is designed in such a way that you don’t, you’ll definitely want to make sure the contractor balances for intake and exhaust ventilation, otherwise you can get ice damming issues along the eaves from the kind of cold that Northern winds can bring.

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