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Liven up a Dark Room with a New VELUX Skylight

Do you have a room in your house that feels overly cramped or cluttered?  It could be a bedroom, kitchen, hallway, or even a bathroom.  It probably usually feels like there just isn’t enough space in the room.

There’s a good chance that absence of proper lighting is the cause.  It can be difficult for windows and electrical lights to fully reveal a room.  The lack of lighting can cause a shadowing effect and render some of the usable space effectively unusable.  It can also dampen the mood of the room.

If you’ve noticed this in your house, the best option may be to install a new VELUX skylight.  They bring in abundant natural light that gets into the nooks and crannies and opens up the room.  Some people report issues with skylights leaking or not regulating temperature well.  VELUX doesn’t have the problem of temperature regulation because of its insulation.  And being protected from leaks ultimately comes down to the quality of the contractor.  Some cut corners during installation, but we never do.  If a skylight is not installed correctly, leaks can appear pretty quickly.  We always want to make sure the skylight is installed right the first time.

Bringing new natural light into the shadowy corners of a room can bring with it renewed energy.  Electrical lights don’t have the same effect as natural light, and they can’t boost the mood or open up the space in the same way.

If you’ve found you have a room that doesn’t feel as vibrant as it should, please give us a call.  A new VELUX skylight may be the perfect solution for you.

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