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Why a Darker Roof is Safer

Flat roofs used to be a lot darker than they are today.  They’d be tar or they’d be torchdown — usually black or similar. Then concerns about global heating became common.  This was a problem for dark-colored roofs because they absorb heat.  White reflects solar rays so much that people began asking for white-colored roofs … Why a Darker Roof is Safer Read More »

Why Do Roofs Need Underlayment?

Shingles alone should be fine, right?  They’re thick, heavy, and are designed to withstand everything the weather and sun throw at them. True, but only partly. Extreme conditions occur infrequently, but because they occur often enough, roofs need to be designed to function then as well.  Shingles alone can’t withstand some of the most extreme … Why Do Roofs Need Underlayment? Read More »

Is a Shingle Overlay Right for Your Roof?

If your roof is approach end of life, you have two options: replacement or overlay. A replacement is when the roofers remove the existing waterproofing system (shingles and underlayment) down to the wood decking of the roof.  Then they resheet or prep existing sheathing, and re-roof with new underlayment and shingles (as well as other … Is a Shingle Overlay Right for Your Roof? Read More »

Roof Repair vs Replacement

When you get a roof leak or shingle blow-off, you have two different options: get the problem area repaired, or get your whole roof replaced. The incentive in the industry is to lean towards full roof replacements.  Roofing technology has come a long way over the decades.  You can get 50 year warranties now that … Roof Repair vs Replacement Read More »

Is Summer the Best Time to Get a New Roof?

Summer is the season of home improvement.  The skies are clear, the weather’s warm, and people are generally more cheery.  You’ve probably found that it’s during summer (sometimes spring) that you want to take on new projects for the house.  Contractors experience this too. But is summer really the best time to get a new … Is Summer the Best Time to Get a New Roof? Read More »

Why is there so much moss on my roof?

All that green looking stuff on your roof needs ample moisture.  Every roof gets wet — the idea is for rain and snow to shed from the shingles, never reaching the plywood. But if water doesn’t shed enough, or if the only source of moisture isn’t from the weather, then you may find your roof … Why is there so much moss on my roof? Read More »

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