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What’s the Purpose of Roof Vents?

If you stand in your back yard and look up at your roof, you may notice a series of vents along the ridge line.  They looks like mushrooms — with a wide top and narrow, hidden stem.  If the contractor who originally installed them went cheap, the vents are probably plastic.  Otherwise, they’re sturdier and … What’s the Purpose of Roof Vents? Read More »

A 50-Year Roof Warranty is Not Always a 50-Year Roof

If you’ve been researching shingles or recently got a quote from a roofing contractor, you’ve probably seen the “50-year warranty” claim.  Does this mean your new roof is expected to last 50 years?  Or does it mean the manufacturer providing the warranty will warrant performance for 50 years? The answer: not exactly. The first step … A 50-Year Roof Warranty is Not Always a 50-Year Roof Read More »

Synthetic Underlayment vs. Felt

Every shingle roof needs an underlayment.  Because shingles are not adhered at all joints, wind driven rain can get beneath them.  Underlayment acts as a water shedding membrane in such case. For more intense issues, like shingle blow off, underlayment is necessary temporary protection for the time before repairs can be conducted. Underlayment is not … Synthetic Underlayment vs. Felt Read More »

IKO Cambridge vs. PABCO Premier

If you’re looking for a quality architectural shingle but don’t want to break the bank, you may be best suited by IKO Cambridge or PABCO Premier styles.  Shingle manufacturers try to differentiate themselves by optimizing for a different qualities: warranty, longevity, appearance, etc. — and IKO and PABCO are two of the top when it … IKO Cambridge vs. PABCO Premier Read More »

Why You Should Get New Insulation in Your Attic

Are you overspending on heating and cooling your home?  If your attic is poorly insulated (as many are), the answer is almost certainly “Yes.” How much might you be overspending?  Energy Star says you can save up to 20% with improvements in insulation. Many benefits come along with energy savings.  Our customers often joyfully report … Why You Should Get New Insulation in Your Attic Read More »

Metal Roofing Comparison Guide

  Metal roofs are environmentally friendly, cost-conscious, and gorgeous. By integrating multi-layered anti-weathering technology with the top tier durability of high performance steel, modern metal roofs last a lifetime and look great doing it!  They’re no longer prone to rust, corrosion, or noise from rainwater. Unlike the asphalt composition shingle market, where there are handful of … Metal Roofing Comparison Guide Read More »

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