Warranties with GacoFlex

20-Year No Dollar Limit Warranties with GacoFlex

The coolest recent innovation in the low-slope roofing industry may be in liquid silicone roof systems.  These systems are significantly more cost-effective ways to get an additional 20 years of life out of an older roof.  Gaco makes our favorite type, the GacoFlex S20 roof coating series.  It’s a top quality product, and best of all, the no dollar limit (NDL) warranties Gaco offers are phenomenal and very easy to understand. They come in three different durations: 10-year NDL, the contractor applies 1.5 gallons per every 100 square feet, and an inspector evaluates after completion. 15-year NDL, the contractor applies 2 gallons per every 100 square feet, and an inspector evaluates after completion. 20-year NDL,
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Easy, Waterproofing System Here at Chase Construction North West Inc., we  specialize in sloped and flat roofs and for the latter, we have often used the Gaco Gacoflex® silicone roof coating. This product leaves a sleek and professional looking end product, every time. We are fully satisfied with Gaco as a manufacturer and today are featuring their GacoDeck® easy waterproofing system along with its’ many uses and benefits. Uses & Benefits GacoDeck was designed to protect deck surfaces.This includes balconies, patios, roof decks, and elevated walkways. However, these aren’t the only available surfaces, and any approved surface that functions as a floor over an occupied living space will benefit from the strength and protection of GacoDeck.
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The Last Roof Coating You’ll Ever Need When installing a new roof, it is vital to take all the necessary steps in order to ensure that the structure will reach its optimum working life. GacoRoof® is a product designed for exactly this purpose. The 100% silicone protective roof coating seals and repairs existing roofs and permanently protects against leaks, permanent ponding water, and the damaging effects of severe weather. Here at Chase Construction North West Inc., we are a Gaco NDL certified contractor that is able to provide our customers with a no dollar limit warranty on all Gaco products. This is a privilege bestowed upon us because we have exemplified quality service and Gaco
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