GacoFlex S20 Liquid Silicone Roofing in Auburn

One of the most cost-effective roofing solutions is a liquid silicone recover of your existing roof.  Providing up to 88% reflectivity, this system is growing rapidly in popularity in the energy-conscious Washington region. The GacoFlex S20 series can be applied over nearly any type of existing roofing material for homes or commercial buildings. Liquid silicone is particularly applicable for low slope buildings because it is unique among roofing material in how it can hold standing water without leaking. The product comes with a 50 year limited warranty for material defect.  Building owners can opt for a more comprehensive warranty that covers material and labor for up to 20 years.  These warranties are stellar because they
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Residential Low Slope

Why EverGuard TPO is Great for Homeowners

If you’re a homeowner with a low-slope roof, you’re probably well aware that your options for roofing systems do not include the most common type of material: asphalt composition shingles.  Instead, your roof needs a waterproofing membrane like the single-ply options — TPO, PVC, EPDM — and the multi-ply option: torchdown modified bitumen. These membranes are needed for low-slope residential roofs because asphalt shingles have overlapping seams that are not perfectly sealed, which exposes them to moisture seeping beneath them by entering upwards from their lower edge.  Waterproof roofing membranes don’t have this issue because their seams are welded, forming them into one cohesive unit. Each of the different types of low-slope membranes serve different purposes for
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Warranties with GacoFlex

20-Year No Dollar Limit Warranties with GacoFlex

The coolest recent innovation in the low-slope roofing industry may be in liquid silicone roof systems.  These systems are significantly more cost-effective ways to get an additional 20 years of life out of an older roof.  Gaco makes our favorite type, the GacoFlex S20 roof coating series.  It’s a top quality product, and best of all, the no dollar limit (NDL) warranties Gaco offers are phenomenal and very easy to understand. They come in three different durations: 10-year NDL, the contractor applies 1.5 gallons per every 100 square feet, and an inspector evaluates after completion. 15-year NDL, the contractor applies 2 gallons per every 100 square feet, and an inspector evaluates after completion. 20-year NDL,
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A TPO Study

TPO – An Independent Study

Results From the Largest Independent TPO Study Our friends at GAF saw that TPO roofing systems are increasing in there popularity, but that the confusion about what brand performs best is also increasing. What did they do about it? They decided to engage Structural Research Inc. (SRI), a well-known and highly respected laboratory that has done testing with UL, NRCA, and MRCA, to perform the largest, independent performance study of the four major U.S. TPO brands. 80 SRI independently obtained various rolls of all of the major TPO brands from GAF to Firestone, a total of 45 in all. Over 400 samples were cut from the 45 rolls, and those samples were subjected to over 6,000 individual measurements
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