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GacoFlex S20 Liquid Silicone Roofing in Auburn

One of the most cost-effective roofing solutions is a liquid silicone recover of your existing roof.  Providing up to 88% reflectivity, this system is growing rapidly in popularity in the energy-conscious Washington region.

The GacoFlex S20 series can be applied over nearly any type of existing roofing material for homes or commercial buildings. Liquid silicone is particularly applicable for low slope buildings because it is unique among roofing material in how it can hold standing water without leaking.

The product comes with a 50 year limited warranty for material defect.  Building owners can opt for a more comprehensive warranty that covers material and labor for up to 20 years.  These warranties are stellar because they cover most of the components of what the manufacturer and contractor have control over, and they depend on an impressive inspection process.

We recently roofed an apartment complex in Auburn with GacoFlex S2000 and had a blast doing it!  We were able to capture photos during the sunset, which beautifully illustrates the reflectivity of the liquid silicone coating and its ability to hold ponding water.


If you want a liquid silicone roofing system to add decades of extra life to your roof, CHASE CONSTRUCTION NORTH WEST, INC. has everything you need!   We’ve been applying GacoFlex systems since 2011 because they’re the best liquid silicone recover systems in the industry.  Please call us today for a free estimate or fill out our online quick estimate form!

Residential Low Slope

Why EverGuard TPO is Great for Homeowners

If you’re a homeowner with a low-slope roof, you’re probably well aware that your options for roofing systems do not include the most common type of material: asphalt composition shingles.  Instead, your roof needs a waterproofing membrane like the single-ply options — TPO, PVC, EPDM — and the multi-ply option: torchdown modified bitumen.

These membranes are needed for low-slope residential roofs because asphalt shingles have overlapping seams that are not perfectly sealed, which exposes them to moisture seeping beneath them by entering upwards from their lower edge.  Waterproof roofing membranes don’t have this issue because their seams are welded, forming them into one cohesive unit.

Each of the different types of low-slope membranes serve different purposes for homeowners, and we believe the best one for the majority of low-slope homes is GAF’s EverGuard TPO 60-mil membrane.  It is one of the most cost-effective roofing membranes in the industry.

GAF has dedicated a tremendous amount of their resources to advancing TPO technology, and the result is a product with fantastic longevity that saves on material and labor.  When GAF conducted the largest independent study to date on TPO, among its key findings was that EverGuard Extreme® TPO and EverGuard® TPO are the top performers regarding longevity.

Furthermore, GAF offers the best warranties we know of.  As Master contractors on the low-slope side of GAF, the company trusts our craftsmanship and attention to detail so much that they allow us to provide our customers with the Diamond Pledge™ NDL Roof Guarantee.  With the 60-mil system, this warranty provides no dollar limit (NDL) coverage of material and workmanship for 20 years.  Other products, like Everguard Extreme® 80-mil can have up to 35 years no-dollar limit warranties.

The Diamond Pledge™ is such a great warranty that it means that when Chase Construction North West, Inc. installs an EverGuard® TPO roof for you with the warranty, you can have peace of mind that your new roof is super reliable, and that if there are any leaks resulting from material defect, ordinary wear and tear, or workmanship error over the next 20 years, GAF will pick up the tab to fix it.


For homeowners with low-slope roofs, GAF EverGuard® TPO 60-mil membrane provides the best combination of savings and reliable performance of any roofing membrane.  The 20 year Diamond Pledge™ NDL Roof Guarantee is a remarkable warranty that ensures that your roof is installed by the best professionals and that leaks for the entire length of the warranty period will be covered by GAF in full.


If you’re a homeowner with a low-slope roof, and you need repairs or a new roof, CHASE CONSTRUCTION NORTH WEST, INC. wants to help!  We specialize in residential low-slope for Tacoma, Seattle, and surrounding area, with reach as far as south as Olympia.  If you’re looking for a roof with a no dollar limit warranty that will protect you and your investment, call us now for a free estimate at (253) 445-8950 or fill out our quick estimate form!

Warranties with GacoFlex

20-Year No Dollar Limit Warranties with GacoFlex

The coolest recent innovation in the low-slope roofing industry may be in liquid silicone roof systems.  These systems are significantly more cost-effective ways to get an additional 20 years of life out of an older roof.  Gaco makes our favorite type, the GacoFlex S20 roof coating series.  It’s a top quality product, and best of all, the no dollar limit (NDL) warranties Gaco offers are phenomenal and very easy to understand.

They come in three different durations:

  • 10-year NDL, the contractor applies 1.5 gallons per every 100 square feet, and an inspector evaluates after completion.
  • 15-year NDL, the contractor applies 2 gallons per every 100 square feet, and an inspector evaluates after completion.
  • 20-year NDL, the contractor applies 2.5 gallons per 100 square feet, and an inspector evaluates after completion.

Gaco inspectors are about as thorough as it gets.  They examine the entire roof, looking for any improperly treated areas.  They test as many samples as they need for proper thickness, and the inspector approves only after the entire roof is deemed to qualify.


The thoroughness of these inspections is unique in the roofing industry since the system doesn’t include multiple layers of varied material.  This allows close examination of the depth and breadth of the system.  If you pay for 2.5 gallons per 100 square feet for a 20-year NDL warranty with inspection, you can have peace of mind that the parameters needed for your roof to last 20 years are in place.  And if it malfunctions within those 20 years, Gaco will have it fixed and pick up the tab in entirety.



Want your roof recovered to last 20 more years?  Give us a call at 253-445-8950 or fill out our quick estimate form!  We will make sure you get a fantastic 20-year NDL warrantied liquid silicon roof system. CHASE CONSTRUCTION NORTH WEST, INC. has been a leading roofing contractor in Western Washington since 2002, and have been outstanding partner in recovering roofs with Gaco since 2011!



A TPO Study

TPO – An Independent Study

Results From the Largest Independent TPO Study

Our friends at GAF saw that TPO roofing systems are increasing in there popularity, but that the confusion about what brand performs best is also increasing. What did they do about it? They decided to engage Structural Research Inc. (SRI), a well-known and highly respected laboratory that has done testing with UL, NRCA, and MRCA, to perform the largest, independent performance study of the four major U.S. TPO brands.

TPO Roofing ContractorSRI independently obtained various rolls of all of the major TPO brands from GAF to Firestone, a total of 45 in all. Over 400 samples were cut from the 45 rolls, and those samples were subjected to over 6,000 individual measurements over the course of the study.

The Results

The first finding was that all of the brands that were tested exceeded the minimum ASTM D-6878 standards. No brand was significantly better than the other though there were variations in the three key physical characteristics (overall thickness, thickness over scrim, and weld strength).  There were however significant differences between brands in accelerated aging tests. The most important indicator of how long a TPO membrane will last is accelerated heat aging. GAF EverGuard Extreme® both in the 60 mil and 50 mil both had no visible failures for over 190 days. The second best performing membranes were GAF EverGuard® TPO and Firestone TPO, at 112 days and 105 days. And finally, coming in at 77 and 70 days was Carlisle and Johns Manville. Weight lost during accelerated aging tests had even more significant differences between the brands tested. GAF EverGuard Extreme® both in the 60 mil and 50 mil again at over 190 days. Number two is GAF EverGuard® TPO and Firestone TPO, at 125 days and 136  days. And finally Carlisle and Johns Manville, which first failed at 56 and 70 days. GAF TPO StudyFrom the GAF Website: “While SRI was looking for cracking, they also weighed each sample. Once the sample lost > 1.5% weight, the sample was deemed to have crossed a threshold where the membrane becomes more unstable (and susceptible to cracking and/or erosion). Just as with cracking, the reason that weight loss is a great indicator of TPO performance is that weight loss can lead to erosion. The picture below shows a failed roof where the weathering layer has eroded to the scrim. “

Chase Construction NW, Inc. Can Install It For You!

GAF Master Commercial Roofing CiontractorThough there was no significant difference in the physical properties of the different brands of TPO, there is a big difference in accelerated aging! This proves that GAF EverGuard Extreme®, both in the 60 mil and 50 mil, is a far superior product. And as GAF Master Commercial Roofing Contractor, we are the elite in TPO installation! We are Master Elite Roofers with GAF for residential applications as well! We specialize in all types of roofing, steep and low slope, composition shingles, wood shakes, metal roofing, slate, tile, torchdown, PVC, TPO, EPDM. We also specialize in roof leak repair. So if you are in need of a new roof, or just a repair, we are here for you! Call us today for your free estimate – 253-445-8950 or fill out our quick estimate form! We look foward to working with you!

Check out this video of Chase Construction NW, Inc. installing a TPO Roof in Renton, WA!