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Tigerpaw underlayment

Protect your Roof with Tiger Paw™ Underlayment

Composition shingles protect homes from the brunt of weather and sunlight, yet they are not the only line of defense.  Underlayments play the crucial role of secondary layer of protection beneath the shingles. During heavy storms, wind can push rainwater up the lower side of the shingles, or ice can pack and seep beneath them.  Shingles are naturally resilient against these issues, yet they can deteriorate over time or they may not be installed correctly.  Without an underlayment, moisture would reach the roof deck substrate and begin to rot the structure.

In the past, felt paper was the most popular type of underlayment.  It is still used today, but synthetic underlayments have been quickly growing in the market because they solve a handful of the issues associated with felt paper.  The most robust of these synthetic underlayments that we’ve worked with is GAF’s Tiger Paw™.  Its improvements over felt paper are numerous:

  • Safety: Specially designed walking surface that allows safe installation on many slopes that felt paper does not.  Its light weight reduces the potential for hazard during install.
  • Aesthetics: Resists buckling and wrinkling that can misalign shingles.
  • Strength: Has at least 600% the tear strength as heavy duty 30# felt paper.
  • Longevity: Maintains integrity without disintegrating like felt paper.
  • Durability: Can withstand UV degradation for up to 6 months.
  • Versatility: Applicable for most types of roofs.

When using Tiger Paw™ synthetic underlayment instead of felt paper, a GAF lifetime roofing system may be eligible for the best warranty in the business: the Golden Pledge.  It covers misapplication for up to 30 years as well as labor and material costs of repair for material defects for up to 50 years.  A full system of GAF products installed by a Master Elite® contractor is required for this incredible GAF warranty.  We’re one of the select contractors who do these for every customer we re-roof with GAF materials.

Safeguard your roof from unexpected extreme weather events with Tiger Paw™ synthetic underlayment!  It’s so dependable that we use it for all of our GAF installations.  Call CHASE CONSTRUCTION NORTH WEST, INC. today at 253-445-8950 for a 100% free estimate or fill out our online quick estimate form.  We want to install a roof for you that will withstand the harshest of storms for decades to come!

Roofing Warranties Explained

Do you know what kind of roofing warranty you have?  Is it for material defects only?  Does it cover labor or misapplication?  Does it cover a full dollar amount or is it prorated?

These are among the most important questions to ask when getting a new roof because they can mean a significant difference in quality, longevity, and the amount you would have to pay for any fix in the future.

Most warranties cover material defects only.  They lead with big numbers like “50 year limited lifetime warranty,” yet these warranties sound better than they are because they don’t cover enough.  When a leak occurs, it is usually not because of material defect.  And when repairs are performed, the material replacement is not a majority of the cost.

What kind of warranties should you look for?

Manufacturer warranties that require the highest level of contractor certification (like Master Elite® for GAF), and come with labor and misapplication coverage at no dollar limit.

Enter: GAF’s Golden Pledge® warranty

GAF Golden Pledge

This warranty covers just about everything that the manufacturer and contractor have control over.  In the event of a leak, if the material malfunctioned, you’re covered.  If the contractor wrongly installed the material, you’re covered.  Whatever the cost of material and labor is to conduct leak repairs, you’re covered.

GAF is able to offer such a fantastic warranty because they only allow their top contractors to offer it — Master Elite® contractors — of which only 3% of GAF contractors qualify.  Chase Construction North West, Inc. has been a proud Master Elite® contractor since 2011!

We propose the Golden Pledge® warranty to every customer for whom we install a GAF Lifetime roofing system because it’s worth it.  With the Golden Pledge®, we know and homeowners know that all bases are covered for a minimum of 20 years.

Higher quality materials are used for the Golden Pledge®

The materials used for different roofing systems varies greatly.  For example, some GAF systems can be installed by GAF certified contractors that use felt paper as an underlayment instead of high quality synthetic hybrid underlayments such as Tiger Paw™.  For low quality warranties, felt paper is fine; but for the Golden Pledge®, a robust underlayment is required.

GAF has designed a six-part system to address the entire roof:

  • Leak barrier
  • Roof deck underlayment
  • Starter shingles
  • Field shingles
  • Attic vent(s)
  • Hip and ridge cap shingles

We use GAF products for each of these, and round them out with flashings at all edges, valleys, and penetration.  The final result is a complete roofing system.

With lower quality warranties, many of the materials simply aren’t covered.  For the Golden Pledge®, however, all the materials are covered because the entire system uses GAF products.

Roofing BlogA GAF system with the Golden Pledge® warranty is a true roofing system.  Many of our customers tell us how happy they are to have this warranty because they know the peace of mind it provides.  Most roofs aren’t designed to last 20-30 years, yet the Golden Pledge® warrants the full cost of leak repair caused by most manufacturer or contractor errors for that time period.

A GAF roof with the Golden Pledge® warranty is a step above!

Want the Golden Pledge® warranty for your new roof? CHASE CONSTRUCTION NORTH WEST, INC. can do that for you!  We are one of GAF’s longest running Master Elite® contractors and we know just how important roofing warranties are!  Call us now at (253) 445-8950 or fill out our quick estimate form!  Our estimates are completely free!

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In light of the recent warranty changes in the roofing industry I thought our home owners could use a little help understanding the new warranty system. Pre 2011 we used to refer to shingles as 30, 40 or 50 year (lifetime) shingles. As of 2011 the entire roofing industry shifted to a new warranty system called limited lifetime shingles. Now all laminated asphalt shingles are covered by a limited 50 year warranty.

Its important to understand what this warranty means for you the consumer, and just as important to know what it does not mean. When the change was first made many roofing contractors were out selling the new lifetime warranty, “a supposed 50 year warranty” that would cover your roof forever. Unfortunately there are going to be many disappointed home owners that realize the falsehood of those claims if they try to process a warranty claim 20 years into the roofs life. They will discover that their warranties value began to depreciate 10 years after the roof was installed. Let’s take a look at what roofing warranties do and do not include so you can make an informed choice on the coverage of your roof.

There are a few things you need to consider when choosing a roofing warranty. 1)How long does the warranty cover my roof 2) What is the time period the warranty covers my roof with 100% (non-prorated) coverage 3) What components of the roofing system does the warranty cover?. 4) Is the warranty transferable if you decide to sell your home and if so is there a fee involved?

In the warranty world there are two categories 1) The manufacturer’s warranty 2) The workmanship warranty.

The Workmanship Warranty: This warranty is provided by the roofing contractor you have hired and gurauntees proper installation of the roofing system. Every roofing contractor can offer different types of workmanship warranties ranging from 5-50 years depending on the type of material they install on your roof. The longer the workmanship warranty the longer your roof is protected from workmanship errors that might occur during installation. In the state of Washington every roofing contractor is held by state law to guarantee their work with a 5 year labor/workmanship warranty. That is important for homeowners to know.  Some roofers offer extended workmanship warranties at an additional cost. Discuss with your potential roofing contractor what type of labor warranties they offer. Be sure to check how long the contractor has been in business, so you know they have been around long enough to have a history of honoring their warranties. (Please see how to safely hire a roofing contractor).

Standard Material Warranty: A standard material warranty is basic protection for your roofing system provided by the manufacturer.


-10 years of 100% non pro-rated coverage/50 year limited lifetime shingle on material and manufacturing defects.

– A GAF certified contractor is not required to install your roof to obtain this warranty.

-The cost of labor to replace shingles.

-Does not include:

tear-off costs, roof accessories, dump fees, does provide a manufacturer labor warranty, factory inspection.

Systems Plus Warranty: The Systems Plus Weather Stopper Warranty is a “complete roofing system”  upgraded warranty provided by the manufacturer.


-50 years of 100% non pro-rated coverage on material and manufacturing defects.

-2 year manufacturer backed workmanship warranty guaranteeing proper installation.

-tear-off & labor to replace shingles.

-Requires the use of GAF shingles and 3 GAF system components.

-A GAF certified roofing contractor must perform the installation to qualify for this warranty.

Does not include: dump fees, factory inspection.

Golden Pledge  Warranty: This is the highest level of roofing warranty available in the industry today.


-50 years of 100% non pro-rated coverage on material and manufacturing defects.

-25 year manufacturer backed workmanship warranty guaranteeing proper installation.

-tear-off, dump fees, and labor to replace shingles.

-Requires the use of GAF shingles and all GAF roofing system components.

-Requires special application and extra materials.

-A GAF certified Master Elite contractor must perform the installation to qualify for this warranty

-Exclusive 40 point factory inspection by GAF representative.

Other roofing manufacturers have very similar warranty programs, but this will give you an idea of the choices you have when deciding on the type of warranty you choose to protect your investment of a new roof system.

From a contractor and homeowners’ perspective I highly recommend investing a little more money up front, and saving thousands of dollars in the years to come by upgrading your roof warranty.

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