Flat Roofing Burien

Residential low slope roofing has two broad categories: larger flat roofing applications such as residential condominium complexes and townhouses and smaller applications such as private porch or garages attached to the primary residence where the slope of the roof changes from steep slope to flat roof. Professionals need to handle flat roof applications for either of these categories.

One flat roof solution is a low slope membrane that is easy to maintain. If you to want a low slope waterproof membrane installed on your Burien, WA area roof, get in touch with Chase Construction Northwest, Inc. Our trained team will provide you with the low slope roofing solutions you need quickly and professionally.

Our team of professionals will be able to install flat roofing in Burien that is:

  • Top quality material
  • Extremely durable
  • Very efficient

Flat Roof Repair Burien

Heavy rains and cold weather can take a severe toll on your property’s flat roof, necessitating a flat roof repair. Repairing your flat roof with a waterproof membrane is an excellent choice of materials for your flat roof repair. Installed by us, low slope membranes coat your entire roof to make sure that there is no further water damage.

We understand that getting low sloop membranes installed on your roof is an investment, which is why we use only the best quality materials. Moreover, we can install these rubber membranes on residential as well as commercial properties.

Every flat roof repair completed by us is:

  • Seamlessly done
  • Quickly completed
  • Professionally handled

Flat Roof Replacement Burien

The main job of any roof is to protect the home from the elements. If your flat roof is failing, you need a flat roof replacement right away.

Flat roof replacements come in many configurations. You need the right one according to your roof’s requirement. We are the company to trust for correct, complete flat roof replacement. Our technicians can install quality rubber membrane flat roof replacements in your Burien area home quickly.

The best part about these rubber membranes is that they are low maintenance and can last for many years and are also one of the most durable types of low slope membranes available in the market. When we work on your flat roof replacement, we send a team of technicians who are:

  • Skillful
  • Highly qualified
  • Trained well

If you need a new flat roof, have a flat roof replacement, or a flat roof repair job call Chase Construction Northwest, Inc. at 253-999-9232. We work with home and business owners all around the Burien area.