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Is Your Tacoma Roof Winter Ready?

Preparing your roof for the Winter in Tacoma, WA

Winter can be very hard on roofing materials. In Washington State our roofs in particular have to endure months on end of very heavy rainfall. In addition snow loads can really cause a lot of problems for your home as well due to the weight of the snow and water from melting snow. The best thing you can is to prepare your home and roof in Tacoma, WA for the winter. Here is a quick list of things you can look for on your roof to see your shingles are still properly protecting your home. If you need a professional Tacoma roofing contractor to come out and inspect your roof call us today at 253-445-8950 or fill out our contact form today. We have the experience you can trust to get the job done right the first time!


1) Check to see if there are any blown-off or missing shingles. This is the quickest way for water to penetrate into your attic and home. If there are missing shingles they should be replaced immediately or tarped-off until a repair can be made.

2) Are shingles on your roof curled or cracked? Even if there are no missing shingles on your roof aged asphalt can crack, curl or lift up on the ends. If you notice any of these 3 symptoms in areas of your roof that is a potential roof leak area.

3) Is your flashing rusted. Rusted flashing around the chimney, step and roof to wall is a common leak area. If your flashing is aged and appears to be rusting you need to inspect it and make sure it has not failed.

4) Another common leak area is pipe boots. Its common for the neoprene boot or sleeve that covers the plumbing pipe to fail and deteriorate. Holes can often be seen from the ground when these age past 10 years.

5) Moss and heavy debris build-up on the roof can absorb water and suck the water under shingles. Its important to keep your roof clean especially the valley areas. Simple roof maintenance can extend the life of your roof several years and save you thousands of dollars in repair fees.

If you live in or around Tacoma, WA and are not certain that your roof is going to keep you Safe this winter give us a call. Chase Construction NW, Inc. has over 20 years of experience serving the roofing needs of Tacoma. Call today at 253-445-8950. We provide free inspections and competitive pricing for roof repair and roof replacement.


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