Liquid Silicone Roof Coatings Kent


Is the roof of your house or commercial building a bit worn down, losing energy and leaking, but not yet in need of replacement? An application of liquid silicone roof coatings would be the best solution for restoring the roofing system, enhancing it’s:

  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Durability

Chase Construction North West, Inc. can help. The comprehensive services provided by our roofing company include the installation of waterproof roof coatings. We can apply liquid silicone roof coatings in Kent, WA properties to create a monolithic, seamless waterproof membrane that resists pooling water on the roof and stops roof leaks.

These waterproof roof coatings are in liquid form and spray-applied on the existing roofing surface, without the need for structural changes to the roof. As a Master Elite roofing contractor, we have long experience in installing liquid silicone roof coatings in Kent properties.

Waterproof Roof Coatings Kent


The roof is the most critical, but also a vulnerable part of a property. Non-stop exposure to the ever-changing climatic conditions makes it susceptible to damage and weakens its structural integrity. Ignoring a deteriorating roof can be a big mistake. You could soon be dealing with roof leaks and hefty roof repair or replacement bills. Call us to apply waterproof roof coatings on your Kent property if you wish to optimize the longevity of its roofing system.

We work with liquid silicone roof coatings, which are one of the most widely used waterproof roof coatings in this region. The silicone roof coating is ideal for:

  • Properties in places that receive frequent rainfall
  • Roofs that do not get a great deal of traffic
  • Property owners who want the best protection for their roof

Kent Weatherproof Coating


We value the business we get and are ready to work in residential or commercial properties of all types and sizes. No matter who calls us to install waterproof roof coatings in Kent, we complete the job to the highest quality standards in the industry. Our family owned company is focused to handle the entire liquid silicone roof coating installation in the most professional way. We strive for perfection not only in the workmanship while applying the liquid silicone roof coatings, but also in how the customers are treated.

We will get the waterproof roof coating installed:

  • Quickly
  • At an affordable price
  • With a well-managed, hassle-free process

Hire the experts at Chase Construction North West, Inc for the installation of waterproof roof coatings in Kent properties. Call (253) 445-8950.