Low Slope Membranes Kent


Selection of the right roofing membrane is a crucial decision for property owners who have a flat roof installed on their building. There are two reasons for choosing good low slope membranes for roofs in Kent, WA. First, water drainage from these roofs is not as effective as on steep slope roofs. Secondly, flat roofs tend to get heavier foot traffic and loads.Building owners should see to it that they choose low slope membranes that are:

  • Water-tight
  • Weather-resistant
  • Durable

Another thing they should keep in mind is to get their low slope membranes installed professionally by proven pros. This is where Chase Construction North West, Inc. steps in! As a licensed, bonded and insured roofing contractor, we educate our customers in the Kent area about the different options for low slope membranes. We also install waterproof membranes correctly over the roofing system.

Waterproof Membrane Kent

waterproof-membrane-kent-waApart from poor workmanship during the roofing system installation, lack of a waterproof membrane is a key cause for premature roof failure. Call on us, the area’s premier roofing system installer in the Kent area to apply a waterproof membrane on your roof. At our roofing company, we appreciate the importance of having an efficient, no-nonsense waterproofing solution to secure the roof from damage by the harsh natural elements.

We offer our expert services for laying down a high-quality rubber membrane on the roof of your property. We are committed to helping our customers get optimal returns on their investment in waterproof membrane installation. Apart from guiding them in picking up one of the best low slope membranes on the market, we see to it that the chosen waterproof membrane:

  • Can stand up to the elements
  • Is installed accurately
  • Offers years of excellent usage

Kent Rubber Membrane

rubber-membrane-kent-waProper installation of low slope membranes is key to their optimal performance. Even the finest waterproof membrane product will fail if it has not been installed professionally. That is why it is imperative that you go to a competent and reliable roofing contractor like us when you decide to have a rubber membrane installed in your Kent property.We put highly knowledgeable, well-trained, seasoned technicians on the rubber membrane installation job.

Our diligent professionals can be trusted to get the rubber membrane installed:

  • After the necessary surface prep
  • Without rushing through the work
  • Using top-grade adhesives
  • Without wasting materials

Call Chase Construction North West, Inc at 253-999-9232 to schedule installation of any type of rubber membrane in your Kent property.