Metal Roofing Federal Way

A metal roof is a lifelong investment, with the roofing system lasting for over 4-5 decades if it is installed correctly with quality material. When you decide on metal roofing for your home or business property, an important decision to be made is the choice between metal roofing panels and metal roof shingles.

Metal roofing panels provide Federal Way, WA area residents a secure, energy-efficient, highly durable and sustainable roofing system that gives a contemporary look and feel to their property. At Chase Construction Northwest, Inc. we offer and install metal roof panels for home and business owners.

We work with both mechanical seam and snap-lock standing seam metal roofing panels. Our Federal Way customers can count on us to metal roofing:

  • By certified, factory-trained technicians
  • Using top-quality products
  • With full attention to detail

Metal Roof Replacement Federal Way

There are several different options for metal roof replacement for your Federal Way area property. While standing seam metal roofing panels are a popular option for residential and commercial roofs, there are also a good number of property owners who opt for metal roof shingles.

The types of metal roof shingles used most commonly are overlapping tiles and interlocking shingles. These shingles come in several:

  • Metal options
  • Design profiles and styles
  • Colors

The main benefit of using metal roof shingles in Federal Way area properties instead of metal panels is that these create conventional-looking, long-lasting roofs. The shingles have the strength and other features of metal but replicate the appearance of cedar shakes, slate or clay tiles. Metal roof shingles are an easy metal roof replacement that gives you a beautiful look.

Our technicians are professionally trained and experienced in replacing all types of metal roofs.

Metal Roof Repair Federal Way

Durability and longevity are the hallmarks of metal roof repair. However, the metal roof repair performance does depend on the quality of roofing materials used and the capabilities of roof installers.

That is why we are the go-to contractor for metal roof repair in the Federal Way area. Our technicians use top of the line products for metal roof repair and:

  • Use panels or shingles of the precise size
  • Avoid over or under tightening of fasteners
  • Ensure proper attachment and sealing of flashing
  • Provide a protective coating to prevent rusting

Being in business since 2002, we are licensed, bonded and insured and charge competitive prices.

For further discussion on metal roof repair, metal roof replacement or metal roofs in general, Federal Way area residents can call Chase Construction Northwest, Inc at 253-445-8950.