Metal Roofing Panels Kent


When it comes to installing the roof over your home or commercial building, you want to make the best choice for protecting your property, loved ones, and your important belongings. Metals roofs are fast becoming the #1 choice of property owners like you because of their:

  • Strength and sturdiness
  • Durability
  • Distinctive beauty

Metal roofs have long been the most secure and reliable option for warehouses and industrial facilities. These are popular even in residential construction today. The common applications for these roofs are metal roofing panels and metal roof shingles.

Chase Construction North West, Inc. specializes in working with both. Look no further if you are interested in metal roofing panels on your Kent, WA property.

As a certified metal roof contractor, we install roofing panels for all types of properties. We work with metal roofing panels offered by the leading manufacturers. Our technicians work diligently to install the metal roofing panels in Kent properties accurately per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Metal Roof Shingles Kent


Are you interested in investing in a metal roof but do not want your home to look odd or out-of-place in the neighborhood and end up looking like a barn? We can help.

Our technicians can construct a roofing system made with metal roof shingles, instead of the panels. The metal roof shingles provide similar superior performance while offering the look of a conventional roof. Opting for metal roof shingles in Kent is also a good decision if you are working with a limited budget.

Whatever your motivation for choosing metal roof shingles, we assure you of a roofing system that:

  • Is installed professionally
  • Complements the exterior
  • Lasts for a long time

Metal Roofing Kent


We are committed to installing solid, water-tight metal roofs for our customers. Whether we are called o to construct a roof with metal roof shingles or metal roofing panels by a Kent resident, we make sure that the job is done:

  • By factory trained and certified technicians
  • Using the toughest products that create an air-tight seal
  • With meticulous attention
  • Without rushing through with the work

We provide highly customized roofing services and use metal roof panels and shingles that come in a variety of colors as well as sizes.

For the long-lasting security of your home or business call Chase Construction North West, Inc. to install metal roofing panels or metal roof shingles. Kent area residents or commercial property owners can reach us at 253-999-9232.