Metal Roofing Panels Sumner

Metal has long been a commonly-used material for constructing roofs on structures like cathedrals, mansions, barns, and industrial facilities. With advancements in roofing technologies leading to the introduction of upscale metal roofing panels and shingles, metal roofs have started appearing even on typical residential and commercial buildings.

Are you too planning to have a roof made of metal roofing panels installed on your Sumner, WA area property? If so, then call Chase Construction Northwest, Inc. We are a roofing contractor that is skilled and experienced in working with a variety of materials. There is no one better than us to hire for roof construction with metal roof shingles or metal roofing panels.

We offer several options in metal roofing panels for Sumner property owners. Our technicians can use mechanically seamed or standing seam snap locking panels to make a roof:

  • Of any design style
  • With any degree of incline
  • Over a building of any type or size
  • In a selection of colors

Metal Roof Shingles Sumner

Do you wish to enjoy the benefits unique to metal roofs, but also want your property to have the authentic conventional look of a roofing system made of cedar shakes, slate, tiles or composition shingles? Then using metal roof shingles is the right selection for you.

Another beautiful thing about opting for metal roof shingles is that these create as strong, durable and reliable roofing system as metal roofing panels do while costing less.

Let us handle your metal shingle roof installation project. To assure you of professional results, we make sure that the metal roof shingles used for your Sumner area property:

  • Come from reputable manufacturers
  • Are made with high-quality material
  • Complement the exterior look of the building

Metal Roofing Sumner

No matter what roof style your property has, a metal roof can be an excellent option. Its many advantages over the other roofing systems include:

  • Amazing longevity and very low maintenance
  • Resistance to corrosion, cracking, fire and wind impact
  • High degree of energy efficiency
  • Eco-friendliness (with recycled content as well as recyclability)

Contact us to get a beautiful, sturdy, ‘green’ roof made with metal roofing panels for your Sumner area home or business place. We have top-grade metal roofing panels installed by well-trained technicians to provide you with an efficient roof that lasts for decades.

To learn more about why it makes sense to invest in a roofing system made of metal roof shingles or metal roofing panels, Sumner residents should call Chase Construction Northwest, Inc at (253) 999-9232.