Outreach3 To the People of Uganda

the nations are crying out for help-Chase NW roofing is responding

The Vision

At Chase Construction NW Inc. we believe that we are blessed to be a blessing. We are thankful for the success we have enjoyed and are committed to pouring it back out to help meet the needs of the nations.

This year Joel Beattie of Chase NW had the opportunity to partner with New Horizon Christian Center and WOMF to reach out to the people of Uganda. On his trip his heart was filled with overwhelming compassion to make a long term commitment to missions and outreach. We are proud to introduce to you the mission and outreach arm of Chase NW Roofing.


The Missions

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On Joel’s trip he had the opportunity to visit the only known Orthodox Jewish community in a small village called Putti. Over a few short days a tangible partnership was formed between Rabbi Enosh, the community leader, and Joel the owner of Chase NW. Joel witnessed a great potential and a great need in Putti village. He spent time with a people who are hardworking and ready to do whatever is necessary to survive and sustain their families.

The problem they faced was not having the startup resources necessary to begin the process of industry and economical development. Chase NW is partnering with the people of Putti Village to provide them with the support they need to become economically, industrially independent. In doing so we ensure the fruitfulness and survival of the forthcoming generations that are to be born

Immediate Needs And Goals

We have already provided the necessary funds to import the material to build a thatched roof over their school and library. When construction of the currently exposed school is complete we will be provided with photos. We look forward to seeing the smiles on the faces of the young students in their new and improved education facility.

Our next steps in providing aid will be to generate resources to:

-Provide feeders, watering troughs and feed for their poultry house.

-Provide material for the drip irrigation to increase production of corn, pumpkins and coffee.

-Provide proper material for coffee bean processing for the upcoming first harvest of 1400 plants of Arabica coffee beans.

By providing these materials to the Putti community we are empowering them to become self-sufficient.

The Future

Coffe Industry of UgandaOnce we have accomplished these very realistic and reachable goals in Putti village we are setting our sites on partnering in a deeper way with the WOMF organization. Our focus will be on assisting to build a strong infrastructure into the coffee community. The coffee industry is one of the main wealth producing industries in Uganda. By providing training, machinery and financial support we have the ability to make a sustained impact on the state and economy of Uganda.

You Can Help

You can make a tangible difference today. If you would like to be a part of supporting our missionary work to Uganda there are many ways to do so. You can make a tax-deductible donation by contacting our office at 253-999-9232. You can also help spread the word by staying in touch with our missions and outreach team via our social media outlets. Please share our Facebook fan page with your friends and family. Thank you for considering extending a helping hand to the people of Uganda