Roofing Seattle

The roof over your home is vital as it provides security and protection to the inhabitants from extreme weathers and the ill effects of ultra-violet radiation. Quality roofing adds to the aesthetics and value of a property as well.

For excellent roof replacement, repairs, and new roof installation in Seattle, WA, get in touch with Chase Construction Northwest Inc. We provide state of the art roofing services and have experienced technicians who provide roofing systems that will:

  • Withstand all weather conditions
  • Make a building energy efficient
  • Add to exterior décor and grace

We specialize in installing roofing for homes and commercial buildings. By virtue of their professional skills, our talented roofers create roofing that lasts a long time.

We accomplish our roofing in Seattle while complying with all local building codes. We assure a professional roofing installation per the manufacturers’ standards and specification so all warranties are in place.

Roof Replacement Seattle

The need for roof replacement usually arises due to water leaks or damage caused by nature. When an old roof fails, leaking water damages inside décor, insulation, and possibly the roof decking leaving no option but to opt for roof replacement.

We are well trained in roof replacement for a variety of materials including:

  • Asphalt and wood shingles
  • Metal
  • Tiles
  • Slate and rubber slate

Roof replacement with interlocking panels of stone coated steel is considered to be very strong. Such roofing has the ability to withstand heavy rains, wind, and freeze-thaw cycles. We also have the ability to give you a roof replacement with green roof technology that can improve air quality, reduce water runoff, and provide better insulation for your Seattle property.

Roof Repair Seattle

It is important to inspect your roof periodically to assess any damage that may be occurring on your roof. Indications like curled, cracked or wet shingles, leaking attics, damage around chimneys, pipes, and vents necessitate roof repair.

For roof repair, we provide our unmatched services through our technicians who are:

  • Factory trained
  • Certified
  • Diligent

We use the finest materials for roof repair and never compromise on work quality. Our efficient crew members accomplish roofing work quickly and professionally. Our aim remains to provide total customer satisfaction with our roofing work affordably. As a result, we are regarded as the leading company for roof repair in Seattle.

For roofing, roof replacement and roof repair in Seattle, call Chase Construction Northwest Inc. at 253-999-9232.