Shingle Roofing SeaTac

Shingle roofing is done using the most popular shingles among the numerous options in the residential roofing market. Older homes use the traditional 3-Tab shingles; architectural composite shingles are now all the rage. Architectural composition shingles are made with a substantial fiberglass mat base with ceramic-coated mineral granules embedded in water-resistant asphalt.

Chase Construction Northwest, Inc. installs architectural composition shingles in SeaTac, WA area for homeowners who want to invest in a shingle roofing system that:

  • Has beautiful 3-dimensional look like a slate/wood shingle roof
  • Can withstand high winds
  • Are water and moisture resistant
  • Lasts very long

We offer customized shingle roofing services and strive to install roofs with architectural composition shingles that complement the exterior finish of the property. The different textures and colors available in architectural composition shingles help our SeaTac customers get the ideal shingle roofing system for their property.

Shingle Roof Replacement SeaTac

Roofs of over half of homes all over the USA have a shingle roof replacement done with asphalt shingles, whether 3-tab or architectural composition shingles. The reason is that these shingles combine excellent functionality, thermal efficiency, longevity, and affordability.

Shingle roof replacement systems made of asphalt shingles look great on all types of buildings, whether traditionally styled or contemporary. Do not hesitate to invest in a shingle roof replacement using an asphalt shingle, no matter what the size and application of your property.

Get in touch with us if you wish to know more about asphalt shingles or want to schedule a shingle roof replacement with asphalt shingles in your SeaTac area property. With our vast knowledge, skills, and experience, we assure you of the accurate answer to your questions and shingle roof replacement services that are:

  • Seamless
  • Thoroughly professional
  • Exceed your expectations

Shingle Roof Repair SeaTac

We do shingle roof repair using composite roofing materials in many SeaTac area buildings to stop leaks and enhance the resale value. Look no further than us if you too are needing a shingle roof repair using architectural composition shingles on your building.

We have been serving the community since 2002 and proved ourselves as ethical, competent, dependable roofers. Hiring us for shingle roof repair brings customers the satisfaction of working with:

  • Certified technicians
  • Licensed, bonded and insured company
  • Responsible ‘green’ roofer

To hire skilled shingle roof repair done by installers with extensive experience, SeaTac area residents should call Chase Construction Northwest, Inc. at (253) 445-8950.