Tile Roofing Bonney Lake

If you are looking to replace the tile roofing of your home or your commercial property, choosing slate roof shingles is a great idea. You can also select roof shingles.

They are the most common roofing material because of their low cost and high durability. Choose roofing experts to suggest the best roofing material for your residential and commercial property.

Trust Chase Construction Northwest, Inc. for tile roofing in Bonney Lake, WA area. Tile roofing is a sophisticated form of roofing that requires installation expertise and craftsmanship.

There is a wide variety of tile in many styles, finishes, and colors. They hang in parallel rows, overlapping each other to keep out rainwater.

We will choose the appropriate material for the tile roofing for your home. Some benefits of tile roofing include:

  • Environment-friendly
  • Weather resistant
  • Enhance the aesthetics

Roof Shingles Bonney Lake

Roof shingles are a roof tile but they are rectangular and usually made of asphalt. They are available in a variety of colors and textures making them versatile.

Roof shingles have many positive features as a roofing material such as reflecting sunlight well and being resistant to fire and algae growth.If you are unsure of whether to have roof shingles or tile roofing for your home or commercial property in the Bonney Lake area, consult with us.

We will assess the following aspects to find the best option:

  • Pricing
  • Climate resistance
  • Weight

Not all roof types can support tile roofing, although there are lighter weight options available. We will suggest the best option that suits your budget and your aesthetic requirements.

Slate Roof Bonney Lake

Slate roof tiles are considered the most durable material for roofing. Derived from sedimentary rock composed of volcanic ash and clay, slate is a metamorphic rock.

It is a beautiful natural material and very durable, and for this reason, it is also the costliest roofing material. Rely on us for slate roof installation in your home and commercial property around Bonney Lake.

When we work on a slate roof installation, we ensure the following:

  • Completing the job on time
  • Use of the best materials
  • Expert people are at work

A slate roof can be considered a forever roof that will last for a long time without much maintenance. Feel free to call Chase Construction Northwest, Inc. at (253) 999-9232 for any type of tile roofing services in the Bonney Lake area.