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  1. Hello,
    My name is Keith Gauvin I own Keith Gauvin Carpentryllc. I am based out of CT other side of country. I have been doing a fair bit of roofing lately . I am starting to realize I can sell more roofs along with the systems plus warranty by selling attic ventilation as a way to differentiate myself from others. I was looking online and came across your site. My only concern is for possible ice damning. As we get lots of snow here in new England.
    I was just wondering what your experience has been with the product and if your willing to share any of that info.
    Thank You in advance for any insight.
    keith gauvin carpentry llc on book in ct

    1. It is great to hear that you see the value in selling upgraded systems! To answer your question with my own personal experience, we are located at sea level and are not required to use ice and water shield until we reach over 1200 feet elevation around the entire perimeter edge of the roofline. But typically, when engineers spec out for ice damming, they want to see 2 feet inside the warm wall (exterior wall). I recently was speaking with a contractor from Minnesota, and he informed me that they like to go 6 feet inside the warm wall. So, your practice should depend on what your elevation and typical snowpack is. Just my own 2 cents, as a word of caution, ice and water shield is an impervious membrane that does not allow to that which it is adhered to breathe. It will suffocate and rot the wood that it’s covering over a period of time. This means that subsequent reroofs many years in the future will need resheeting in all the areas that have the ice and water shield applied.

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