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  1. Very nice post. Thanks for sharing this new techniques of torch down roofing. This is really helpful for roofing Colorado springs.

  2. This post shows a very good idea for all homeowners and builders. I thought this was something that would effect harm to the environment but based on what you have posted it seems very good and will surely build a sturdy house.

  3. I personally do all of my work in the North Texas areas. When I have a low-slope project I always recomend the torch down method primarily do to the extreme weather changes that we get. It gets to be extremely hot during the summer and gets as cold as any where else during the winter months. The rubber made material IS great for the contraction and expansion reasons for my area.

  4. It all depends on the home owners preference and budget. Torchdown, metal, and TPO would all make fine choices for a residential low-slope system.

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